Monday Notes – Why 18.3%? Another School Dept. Departure – Why not use Franco or Freshman Academy?


The City uses so much electricity that they do not qualify to be part of the Aggregation that the homeowners and small businesses can be part of. So they have to bid out the contract and it is usually for 3 years. Looking at this chart you can see how much electricity cost have risen which is why the City is predicting the rate could go up 18.3% higher than the current 3 year deal which expires at the end of June.

Another One Bites the Dust

In what is being called the worse kept secret, Maintenance Director Brian Curley who has been an excellent resource for the Citywide Parent Council along with working well with the Murphy Administration to attack the many facilities issues involving school buildings has apparently made it official and is leaving the Lowell School Dept. It is a huge loss for the schools, Brian is well liked and respected and has done a great job for the city.

The Bear has a good suggestion

I heard George Zaharoolis aka the Bear on Jmac and the Bear mention that he was wondering why the city doesn’t contact Franco American and see what can be arranged. In one aspect I agree and think it’s a good idea. Maybe not to operate it as a private school but with the bubble in the middle schools could the City Rent/Lease/Buy the school and operate as a school for now and then if they don’t need it, use it for a Special Ed Collaborative or even the Central Office? I’m not sure it is handicap accessible or how much work it would require to make it work for the schools but what’s the harm of exploring and looking at it?

I’m hearing rumblings that the cost for Modular classrooms came in two to two and a half times higher than what was first thought. It is the CITY that has to pick up that cost and YES they can charge it toward their Net School spending requirements but the cost seem huge. If there is a way to use the Franco, why not?


Time to move Freshman??

Why are we paying over $700,000 in rent when the Freshman Academy could be moved back into the Main High School and that building can be used for either a middle, special ed school or Administrative Offices? While I know many like keeping the 9th graders together to “ease” them into the high school life, they could still do it using the existing buildings.

The School Dept could use the $700,000 it pays in rent which does NOT count toward Net School Spending on programs for students and still be in the downtown. I say move the freshman!!!