There is NOT a City Budget Deficit!!!

Closing a $16 Million Dollar gap in Dept. Budgetary REQUEST

re·quest rəˈkwest/
noun act of asking politely or formally for something.
“a request for information”
synonyms: appeal, entreaty, plea, petition, application, demand, call; More
1.politely or formally ask for.
“he received the information he had requested”
synonyms: ask for, appeal for, call for, seek, solicit, plead for, apply for, demand;
“the government requested military aid”

def·i·cit ˈdefəsət/ noun
the amount by which something, especially a sum of money, is too small.
synonyms: shortfall, deficiency, shortage, debt, arrears;

an excess of expenditure or liabilities over income or assets in a given period.
“an annual operating deficit”

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 3.39.27 PM

Listening to the revisionist history spouting from JMAC on WCAP this morning made me want to puke. This guy is so one sided and ignoring facts that it is painful to listen to him. Look at Kevin Murphy’s report above. He DOES NOT SAY THERE IS A OPERATING DEFICIT IN THE 2016/2017 BUDGET

He says the Dept’s want certain things at a $16 Million dollar price tag that the City can’t afford so they have to deal with going through each dept. and figuring out what can and cannot be done because the wants are $16 million more than the what we can afford.

If I’m in DPW I want new trucks and plows, Fire Dept. NEEDS new Engines and Ladders,(and staff), Wastewater etc all want more and more equipment and the city has to find a way to start replacing older equipment but it cannot be done all at once.

The Manager’s explanation about electrical rates may not be the best but it has NOTHING to do with Ameresco energy savings that have already been realized.

Is there a possible shortage on the School side of the budget which the city has to fund? Possibly but this Mayor and this School Committee knew that cuts were possible when the approved a 3.75% pay raise. The Manager I’m told by a Union member did NOT support the contract. He knows what the city can and can’t afford.

Murphy also has a City Council that acknowledges that taxes have to be raised, something the previous administration did NOT have!

Instead they had a FRAUD of a “Fiscal Watchdog” (one who is padding his retirement on the back of the State Taxpayer) claiming because the City showed HUGE Savings in the Ameresco Project -In moving to the GIC – In a new trash program then there was no need to hike taxes and the Fiscal Fraud called for no new taxes and campaigned on that issue!!

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 11.38.45 AM

Kevin Murphy has surprised his biggest critics by doing an outstanding job as City Manager, bringing in new businesses, supporting the Councils public safety initiatives and in his commitment to meet and exceed Net School Spending. His message in the council packet is NOT stating there is a DEFICIT it is saying there are challenges but he and his team are up for the challenge.

Don’t believe for 1 minute that the current situation is a Budget Deficit and because you’re a Lynch hater like JMAC, try to blame it on the last Administration that has been gone for two years. It’s NOT REAL! JMAC is throwing garbage and sucking up to Elliott and the anti-Lynch people.

One of the BEST things about Manager Murphy is I have NEVER heard him name Manager Lynch as being at fault for anything or comparing what he has or hasn’t done during his term to Lynch’s term.

That was one of Bernie’s weaknesses, he got so frustrated at the COX supporters that he would constantly compare his time against the time when COX was manager and even though he may have been correct, it didn’t sit well with people and wasn’t the right way to handle it. Kevin Murphy to my knowledge has been smart enough to not do it.

JMAC doesn’t speak for the Murphy Administration (THANK GOD!). There is NO 2017 BUDGET DEFICIT that JMAC try has he might can accurately, fairly or honestly blame on an administration that has been gone for two years. Don’t believe the BS.

Kevin Murphy, the Council and his Administration have done a solid job and the last thing he wants or needs is an idiot with a paid for microphone stirring up a divide that really no longer exist. Murphy can stand on his own accomplishments and has never resorted to blaming the past.


Published by Lowell School Committeeman Gerry Nutter

I've been interested in Schools since I worked at the Greater Lowell Tech and substitute taught in Dracut. I've followed the finances and issues with the Lowell School for the past 8 years while blogging and contributing to Saturday Morning Live! Currently serving my 1st term.

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