Sunday Notes March 27 2016


Transcript from television interview
Transcript from television interview

State Rep. Rady Mom is not only trying to distance himself from being part of the committee that invited Hun Manet. He is attempting to justify meeting with him as being part of his “duty” as a State Representative and asking the community to unite and basically stop criticizing him.

What has the community upset beside his support of the visit is his comments that he “barely has time to serve his own constituents” ! One of the biggest knocks on the Rep is his not being in his district and his non-responsiveness to his constituents.

The last time I checked it wasn’t a requirement of a State a Legislator to be a Federal representative. It’s an excuse that isn’t flying among the Cambodian Community or the non Cambodian people in his district, several of who have expressed to me their disappointment in Rady not only meeting with Manet but trying to use his elected position as an excuse.

The Cambodian community is so upset that they are planning a rally against the visit and I’m hearing that at least 1 Councilor will support not holding the meeting with Manet at city hall and a former councilor may even speak in support of not having the meeting at city hall.


Can’t take the politician out of the job

On Beacon hill legislators lobby to get their bills passed. City Manager Murphy a former State Rep. seems to be busy lobbying for his upcoming budget by pointing out the challenges ahead, the successes in education and the desire to keep taxes in check.

There seems to be a very strong concern among some Councilor’s and the Managers Office that the the Supt. of Schools may present a budget requiring $2,000,000 – $4,000,000 more than what the City is prepared to fund and that may cause some tension and fighting among the School Committee and City Council.

The Manager seems to be trying to lobby the public and show them that the city has been responsible and lived within their needs along with the message the School Det. needs to do the same.

Paying the Price

No one wants infighting among boards nor the headlines outlining cuts the school dept. may have to make to balance their budget but there are strong indications that either or both are. possibility.

Who will pay the political price if that happens?

Can the school dept. create an in-house autism school? Will the Freshman Academy be moved back into the Main LHS building? Will the STEM School be moved to the Freshman Academy?

Will the 4 former school committee members be blamed for not settling the contract with the UTL? For hiring this Supt.? For allowing the grievances to reach an $800,000 payout?

Does this School Committee get blamed for settling the contract before fact finding was reached? Do they send back budget that is higher than the city can afford and direct the Supt. to cut or do they lobby parents and teachers to encourage the Council to fully fund the budget? Will the present School Committee lobby for additional funds?

UPDATED – Thanks to School Comittee member Bob Gignac

April 20th is the date of the fist budget presentation by the Supt. to the School Committee. Originally scheduled for the 15th it was moved.

Wouldn’t miss this budget presentation for anything!