Sunday Notes April 10th 2016

How do you “Drop Out” of something you were NEVER IN??

In a headline from the SUN we saw Yem drops out of race, backs Rep. Mom

The story mentions ” Paul Ratha Yem, who ran for the seat in 2014, announced on Wednesday that he will not run for the 18th Middlesex state representative seat.

Ted Panos had Paul Yem on WCAP the other morning to talk about him NOT running!

Will Brian Donavan be invited on to announce he’s not running? What about Jim Leary? or Fred Bahou? Will the SUN run stories about how they are not running and who they endorse? They were the valid candidates last time.

Yem NEVER announced he was running! All he did was pull papers and when asked about doing that he said that while he did pull papers he has NOT decided to run and will not decide anything until April.

So how can someone who was never been in “DROP OUT”? and why is it a big deal?

Instead of capitalizing on the energy that is negative toward Mom, he chooses to support him. Even before pulling papers he was meeting with MOM so it was a big surprise to some that he even pulled papers. Was there some type of consideration to use him as a straw candidate? Taking votes away from Oullette?? Was it decided it was better to face a 3 way challenge with the hopes/knowledge that Khim who supported Mom last time, would draw enough votes away from Oullete and Yem wasn’t needed ?

Paul is a very likable man with a decent base in his community though he has never been able to capitalize on that and lost two election tries. He will be a bit of an asset but some in the community and in the political bubble are wondering what’s in it for Yem? The formation of a Youth Commission for him to chair?

In 2014 Mom received only 26.5% of the Primary vote – the 3 real challengers who didn’t resort to stickers received 59.27%…what would happen today if Khim who has little chance of winning (IMHO) decides to step aside and support Oullette? Could Rady win a 1 on 1 challenge?

The biggest complaint I hear from people of ALL nationalities in the district is Mom’s lack of responding to constituents and lack of attending events that aren’t Photo Ops. The Manet visit is just another reason the community is upset with him..the larger issue is his non-responsiveness.

Vague notice doesn’t really meet Open Meeting Law Requirement!

What does presentation regarding future Lowell High School mean? The MASS Open meeting Law is pretty clear and this notice from the Mayor doesn’t seem to meet it.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 10.27.50 AM

What information must meeting notices contain?
Meeting notices must be posted in a legible, easily understandable format; contain the date, time, and place of the meeting; and list all topics that the chair reasonably anticipates, 48 hours in advance, will be discussed at the meeting. The list of topics must be sufficiently specific to reasonably inform the public of the issues to be discussed at the meeting. Where there are no anticipated topics for discussion in open session other than the procedural requirements for convening an executive session, the public body should list “open session” as a topic, in addition to the executive session, so the public is aware that it has the opportunity to attend and learn the basis for the executive session.

Showdown Ahead

Rightfully or just political lore, the current Supt. has a reputation of NOT playing well with the Town Administrator or Manager. It appears according to the murmuring in the political pool that the Supt. may indeed submit a budget higher than what the Manager’s office has indicated the city can afford.

If you look at the public records from the Executive session concerning the acceptance of the UTL contract the Supt. told the School Committee approving the raises would result in layoffs if more money wasn’t given to the school budget. The City Manager voted against the UTL contract based on the fact that layoffs would result.

Under the Murphy Administration the City of Lowell has exceeded NET School spending by a million or more and this year may exceed it by close to four or five million from he repairs to the school buildings.

The big question is will this Mayor and School Committee go along with the Supt. and lobby the City Council, Manager and newspaper for the additional million ? Will they demand the Supt. find the million to cut? Will the Supt. present the budget and tell the School Committee to make the cuts because he can’t or won’t go below th dollar amount?

A showdown seems to be on the horizon !

LHS Class of 1951 Reunion

The LHS class of 1951 will be holding a reunion on Friday Sept. 9th 2016 at the Windham Hotel on River Road in Andover beginning at Noon. Tickets are $51 and you can contact Fred Barnes at or call him at 707-422-1791 for more information