UnWelcome Surprised Guest at State House Celebration Today?


We know that State Rep Rady Mom will be hosting a celebration today at the Mass State House per a press release he sent out:

On April 13th, for the first time in history of Massachusetts, there will be an afternoon and evening of activities showcasing Cambodian art, culture, music, and food at the Statehouse. This event is open to the public and free of charge. A resolution will be read declaring Cambodian New Year as April 13-15. The event at 1:00-3:00 will be held in Room 350 in the Statehouse. It will continue in the Hall of Flags in the Statehouse starting at 5:30 concluding at 8:00pm.

Some in the Cambodian Community have heard that Hun Manet who was uninvited to attend a meeting with Lowell’s Mayor and City Officials may make an “unexpected” appearance at the State House today.

Several vans filled with Lowell Cambodian Community members will be attended both the afternoon and evening events at the State House and are ready to voice their displeasure should Hun Manet appaer.


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