Sunday Notes April 17th 2016

Former Mayor Bud Caulfield on JMAC & The Bear this week stated that he is considering a run for the State Rep. seat in the 18th Middlesex and will decide this weekend with his family. (JMAC has an agenda against RADY but I’m not sure why) Apparently Bud will announce his decision on Monday with Teddy Panos on 980 WCAP!

Many are wondering why there seems to be such an interest in State Rep. Rady Mom’s seat?

Usually once a Rep. is elected he has very little opposition (if any) and it’s his seat for has long as he wants to serve. Add in the philosophy that seems prevalent among Democrats – You DON’T CHALLENGE A SITTING FELLOW DEMOCRAT and people are asking why the interest?

Not that anyone cares but here’s my 2 cents on why this seat would be seen as vulnerable –

One reason is unlike current Reps Golden, Nangle and former Rep. Murphy, Mom whose been in Lowell for 25 years doesn’t have the “family name” or family history the others do. He also “WON” by the smallest margin in the Primary. He beat Leary by 53 votes compared to Golden beating Lemoine by 130 and Nangle over Martin by 223, Murphy won by over 690 votes in the Primary and only 635 in the General Election.

Rady also didn’t face the same caliber of opponents in his first race that they did. No knock against Brian Donovan who is very well known and liked in his neighborhood or Jim Leary, Fred Bahou or Paul Ratha Yem but they didn’t have the pedigree of other well known Lowellians who ran and lost.

Tom Golden was a relative unknown when he beat Bernie Lemoine a former Lowell Police Officer who was a former City Councilor and well liked in the district and easily beat Regina Faticanti who was an elected School Committee member at the time who had served since 1985.

Dave Nangle was also a relative unknown from a large well respected, well liked family and beat City Councilor Rita Mercier, along with upcoming well known Atty’s Bill Martin and Atty Karin Theodoros’s who was popular around the city.

Murphy beat Joe McNamee in the primary and McNamee like Murphy had a solid family name and also beat the very popular Tim Golden (no relation to Tom) who was a well liked Lowell school committee member.

Rady also had a hard time adjusting to the role, for a while he would have more meetings with statewide groups and attend more events in Boston than he did in his district or in Lowell. Constituent service seemed to be another place he lacked the attention needed, people who don’t get a return phone call or text don’t forget. Add in the divide in the Cambodian Community and many people think the seat could be had and it makes sense.

I think Rady and his staff have gotten better in the past few months and he is seen around the city more often but based on his start, his close primary race , the divide in the Cambodian community and his not having the strong family connections rooted in the city, many people see an opportunity!

Names like Yem, Donovan, Leary, Caulfield, MacDonald and even Gitschier have been floated by various people but in actuality so far only Oullette and Khim have announced and most from the list have declared they aren’t running. Mom will have the support of his fellow State Reps. including the Speaker of the House and if needed they will come out in both the primary and general election to help him.

Rady like many 1st term Reps. is learning and will get better and so will his staff in assisting constituents and has it stands will defeat the announced candidates including Republican Kamara Kay.

I’d like to know Exactly what anyone expected Rady to do in his first term that he hasn’t done and be specific! I’d also challenge them to look at the first term of Murphy – Nangle – Golden and tell me what they did that Rady hasn’t with the exception of being more responsive to his constituents which he seems to be working on.

Here’s a little History about past Rep races: (From Richard

1994 – An intense contest arose in the 17th Middlesex District to replace John Cox who chose not to seek reelection. With no Republican in the race, Tom Golden, who won the six-candidate Democratic Primary, became the newest state representative from Lowell. Golden received 1562 votes, to Bernie Lemoine’s 1432, Regina Faticanti’s 540, Gail Bartlett’s 539, Robert Finn’s 181 and John Zagarella’s 104.

1996 – Panagiotakos’s senate run left an open state representative seat in the Highlands. In the Democratic primary, Kevin Murphy (1702 votes) defeated Joe McNamee (1010 votes) and Don LeBlanc (353 votes). In the general election, Murphy prevailed over Lowell school committee member Tim Golden, 4213 to 3578. State representatives Tom Golden and Ed LeLacheur ran unopposed.

1998 – The race that gained the most attention in Lowell was in the 18th Middlesex Rep District which had been held by Ed LeLacheur for many years. In the Democratic Primary, Dave Nangle prevailed, receiving 1268 votes to Bill Martin’s 1045, Steve Geary’s 978, Rita Mericer’s 817, Karin Theodoros’s 766 and Scott Consaul’s 291. In the general election, Nangle defeated Republican Karen Simao, 5780 to 3703. State Senator Steve Panagiotakos was unopposed as was State Representative Tom Golden. State Representative Kevin Murphy prevailed over Patrick O’Connor in the Democratic primary, 1877 to 514. Murphy was unopposed in the general election

Look at Rady’s Primary Numbers – He barely beat Leary or Donovan and was able to beat an unenrolled candidate by 1461 votes

2014 – Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 10.48.45 AMScreen Shot 2016-04-15 at 10.43.17 AM

Budget Battle

The purpose of successful budget development is to estimate the funds required to operate the school department’s educational and support programs for the next school year. This work includes not only the development of the budget, but also the distribution of individual school and department budget materials and a comprehensive proposal. It is important that all offices are afforded the opportunity to discuss the budget and to offer insight.

That message was sent to parents in the Superintendents “Friday Letter” The bubble talk about a budget battle with the a Manager should be put to rest this week with the Superintendent presenting the School budget to the School Committee and public this Wednesday at the Rogers School at 6:30 and you can also watch the meeting on LTC channel 95!

Numbers show the Bubble

The numbers below show the class sizes in Lowell School’s and the expected 5th Grade numbers that have the School Administration wondering how to deal with the population and space.

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 9.16.02 AM

These numbers show the present class sizes in the Elementary and Middle Schools

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 9.17.32 AM