The Semi-Official Warren Report

Due to a posting by a thoughtless hater (think bitter disgraced ex-selectman) that have unfairly and unjustly upset Warren’s family , I felt the need to set the record straight.


Many have missed the longtime host of Saturday Morning Live and the face of Shaw Farm wondering what’ going on, so here’s the Semi-Official Warren report.

Warren started feeling out of sorts while doing his daily workout a few weeks ago (Really he does work out) and smartly followed up with his doctor. Test revealed a minor issue that needed to be addressed before anything major occurred.

Warren had the issue addressed this week and is on the road to being 100% again soon.

He wants to Thank his family, all of his friends, listeners, and even those who may not hold him in high regard for their concern. He especially wants to Thank the staff of Shaw Farm for not missing a beat and continuing to bring great product and service to the Merrimack Valley and beyond.

Finally he wants everyone to know that his son,daughters,mom and sisters who are his strongest source of love and support are Thankful for all who have been supportive of them during his illness.

Warren will be back before you know it and will never forget the love, concern and support he has received.


Published by Lowell School Committeeman Gerry Nutter

I've been interested in Schools since I worked at the Greater Lowell Tech and substitute taught in Dracut. I've followed the finances and issues with the Lowell School for the past 8 years while blogging and contributing to Saturday Morning Live! Currently serving my 1st term.

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