Throwback Thursday – Mr ZIM and the McLaughlin Group!!!


John Zimini the former Dracut Selectman whose political godfather Mike McLaughlin went to jail, left Dracut in disgrace but yet Mr. Lynch I mean Zim can’t move on and let it go. Instead he hides his name under the Dracut Connection banner or the alias of John Lynch and post on Facebook attacking Warren Shaw or his daughters. COWARD!!!!

HE not Brian Bond is the Administrator of the Dracut Connection Facebook Page and I’m working to confirm that he is he man behind the John Lynch profile because there is no such person registered to vote or listed as a property owner in Dracut.

Zim-Zim is so obsessed with Shaw that he actually called local and Boston area hospitals to find out where Shaw was hospitalized and published that information in a post that upset Warren’s daughters so much one posted to defend her dad and was attacked by Zim I mean Lynch (I’m pretty confident they are interchangeable) I’ve heard he went on a rant attacking his co-Dracut connection members because even they realized his original post was over the top and rightfully edited it.

Apparently He takes a shot at me which is okay and typical but he should remember to look in the mirror and reflect on his own past.

So I thought I would remind the people of the Greater Lowell Area all about ZIM-ZIM the man who fled Dracut after Mike McLaughlin went to jail and after ZIM smartly realized he couldn’t get elected cockroach collector.

A Throwback Thursday for your enjoyment!!!

Every time Zimini opens his mouth to call anyone’s ETHICS or ACTIONS into question, someone should just remind him of Pressman and McLaughlin!

FACTS: John Zimini has been associated with the Convicted disbarred Chelsea mayor who got him both a city and state job. He gave money and shamefully used his family to give money to the former Lt Gov who at Mike McLaughlin request, also got him a job. The same Lt. Gov who’s own political career was ruined and who was forced to resign after he cracked up his car due to his buddy and Zimini friend Mike McLaughlin admitting to falsifying his work records and who is serving time in jail.

Below are newspaper and Column Blog sections, they are reporting the corruption associated with Mayor Pressman and Mike McLaughlin. All Printed in the newspaper, really in various newspapers and all are proven fact. There are printed stories about McLaughlin and the so called McLaughlin group with their plans for DHA all documented by the Sun.

So look in the mirror boys before you keep attacking others. Away we go with a collection of newspaper clippings….

Former Chelsea Mayor Joel Pressman testified yesterday in US District Court that when developers wanted to build a mall in that waterfront city they had to pay him $9,000.

When Robert McCarthy, now a state representative from Melrose, wanted his family’s insurance firm to keep a contract to insure city workers, he paid $5,000 to Pressman. And when bookmakers wanted to stop police from enforcing gambling laws, Pressman admitted, his cut was $4,000 to $5,000 a year.

Offering a detailed account of how a mayor puts out the word that he’s available for a price, Pressman, testifying under a grant of immunity, said he sent his father’s law partner and a former Chelsea official, Harry Toltz, to see bookmaker Samuel Berkowitz. …

and this

Michael E. McLaughlin sentenced to 3 years; judge says he ‘picked the pockets’ of housing authority residents in Chelsea

In Sunday’s extensive Globe story covering how McLaughlin raised money for Murray, deep in the story Zimini is mentioned. The story doesn’t, however, note that he’s from Dracut or that he is now serving his 3rd-term on the Board of Selectmen.

According to the Boston Globe report, Murray once called then-state Labor Secretary Suzanne Bump, angry that she fired Zimini because of his alleged ties to McLaughlin. Murray then helped Zimini find a job at MassHousing, a quasi-state agency where he works as a “compliance specialist.”



3/9/2011 ZIMINI, JOHN J 75 SCOTT ST DRACUT MA 018261637 $100.00 Murray, Timothy P.

Zimini is also tied to Chelsea. He served as aide to one of its former mayors, Joel M. Pressman. According to sources, Zimini was later hired by Pressman, who had been appointed an IA commissioner by former Governor Michael Dukakis, to work there.
Pressman was later pushed out of that job by Gov. William Weld when he got in trouble with the Board of Bar Overseers. He was eventually disbarred for, among other things, his association with “bookies.”

Former Chelsea Mayor Joel Pressman received at least $5,000 in payoffs from bookmaker Samuel Berkowitz when he was mayor more than a decade ago, according to a document filed by a prosecutor in US District Court yesterday.

The McLaughlin Group
By By Chris Camire,
Sun, 29 Jan 2012, 08:58 AM

DRACUT — Michael McLaughlin has long been accused of controlling Dracut politics from the sidelines, using his deep political connections to wield influence on key town issues.

This perception reached its boiling point last fall when McLaughlin was blamed for orchestrating the attempted ouster of Mary Karabatsos from her job as executive director of the Dracut Housing Authority.

In a controversial move, Brian Bond showed up at his first official Housing Authority meeting as the governor-appointed commissioner and voted with fellow commissioners Ken Martin and Ken Cunha not to renew Karabatsos’ contract. The board later reversed that decision and rehired Karabatsos over two other finalists.

McLaughlin, who at the time was executive director of the Chelsea Housing Authority, denied having a hand in the surprise vote. But McLaughlin was in constant contact with Martin and Dracut Selectman John Zimini throughout 2011, according to cellphone records obtained by The Sun.

McLaughlin phoned Martin 394 times and Zimini 217 times from January to October.

Murray and McLaughlin called each other at least 121 times in 2011, a relationship widely documented.

On the day before Bond’s appointment, McLaughlin called Murray in the morning. Murray returned the call 13 minutes later. The call lasted 13 minutes. McLaughlin and Martin exchanged four calls on the day of the appointment. Each call lasted three minutes or less.

Nearly one month later, on Aug. 22, the commissioners of the Dracut Housing Authority voted to part ways with Karabatsos. In the lead up to the vote, McLaughlin was in contact with Martin, Bond and Zimini. McLaughlin and Bond spoke for 16 minutes Aug. 15.

On the day of the vote, 10 calls were placed between McLaughlin and Martin. McLaughlin also had a 10-minute call with Zimini that night.

Zimini did not return multiple calls seeking comment for this story.


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