Sunday Notes May 8th

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s – My wife, daughter, mom, and sisters especially.


This makes to much sense to ever get State Approval

The more I get “involved” in looking at School Finance and the absurd way the State makes the city’s and towns pay with no control, the more I wonder what happened to common sense and if there is EVER enough money to make “professional educators” and Union’s happy?


I wish I could take credit for the above but it was shared with me by someone who understands my frustration trying to get a handle on educational funding. The above is very clear and rational. It is about time the legislature modifies some laws, including counting transportation in NET School spending.

Slip of the fingers / Wishful Thinking or Freudian Slip

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Here is the 2017 Capital Plan from the City

Capital Plan

Why support a contract for Supt of Schools but not City Manager?

I have never understood those who say the City Manager doesn’t deserve a contract but then will say a school Supt. does. Maybe Mayor Kennedy can explain the logic. If you recall a couple years ago Ed Kennedy – opposes new contract for CM said the Sun. His stated reasoning was that it provides and undo advantage to the Manager.

According to a Sun article – Kennedy said that under the city’s Plan E form of government, the city manager is supposed to serve at the pleasure of the City Council, and that does not happen when the manager has a contract. The contract distorts the proper relationship between the council and the manager, he said.

Doesn’t giving the School Superintendent who is hired by the School Committee to implement their policies and procedures get an advantage by having a contract? It seems to me it distorts the Committees’s power the same way it supposedly distorts the Council’s power.

Of course taking the opportunity to tweak the former Mayor and current Manager by supporting a contract for the School Supt. is just a bonus for Mayor Kennedy!

Manager should be highest earning City Official

Lowell is a city with an estimated 2014 population of 109,945, it is the fourth-largest city in Mass. It has 14.5 square miles, a budget of over $366,000,000 and approx. 37,887 households.

The Lowell school dept. has 23 schools (that are City owned), approx. 15,000 students and is dependent the on the City and state for financing. It’s budget is approx. $183,000,000

I have never understood the illogic that has any School Supt. making more than a City Manager. Whether the Manager is Bernie Lynch and the Supt. is Chris Scott or where we are today. The City Manager has far greater responsibilities to a much larger segment of the community than a school Supt. has.

I have zinged the Manager for showing a salary in the 2016 budget of $185,000 I didn’t realize that this is what the School Supt. made.

If you are the head of the entire operation including being responsible for the funding of every dept. no dept head, regardless of his title or the fact in this case where the state has it set up that the Schools are an island unto themselves, should earn more than the man or woman given the responsibility to manager the entire structure which includes funding schools. Any City Manager has more responsibilities than any School Supt. and should be compensated in my opinion at a rate of at last 5% more than any school Supt.

In this case, Kevin Murphy deserves a raise that reflects the duties and responsibilities and th success he has achieved. Could we. do better, always but h has exceeded his biggest critics expectations in my opinion.

Elliott again will show his true colors.

Raise your hands if you were surprised to read this in the SUN Political Column –

Elliott, who was one of the four votes against Geary’s $7,600 pay raise, said Murphy is doing a good job, and that he is indeed deserving of a pay raise.

Elliott has voted against just about every union contract or dept. raise except when it comes to his “Big Brother” Manager Murphy.

Family and self first has always been Elliott’s way. If Kennedy deserves to be called out for his actions so does the former Mayor.