Gender Identity motion shouldn’t turn into Ugly Grandstanding Politics!


I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it

I’m not going to try to figure out what either City Councilor Elliott or Mercier were thinking when filing this motion –

C. Elliott/C. Mercier – Req. City Council vote to adopt a resolution to oppose the transgender bill adopted by the State Senate, which allows access to women’s bathrooms and locker rooms.

I can guess that the whole idea of transgender identity is so foreign to them that the idea of a gender born male being in a women’s room or a gender born woman being in a men’s room seems offensive to them.

I also think anyone who tries to even remotely tie this motion to a city budget is as off base and stupid has this motion is. This council has also repeatedly taken votes in support or opposition to state bills or budgets activities that trying to say this shouldn’t be on the agenda is also off base.

I don’t recall any outrage over this motion from a few weeks ago..Resolution-Oppose cuts to Mass Cultural Council FY’17 State Budget

I believe that like it or not there are many people in this city who are 40 and over that probably feel the same way these councilor’s do and have the same concern that these councilor’s have , realistic or not. I also have no doubt several people have contacted these two councilor’s to express their concerns.

I’m 53 almost 54 and people I’ve talked to about this motion are split. A few like myself have no issue with it. If a person identifies themselves has a male or a female who am I to tell them otherwise or to pass judgement on them. If you have kids you know to them it’s not a big deal. Most kids today are so much more understanding and accepting of their peers. My 15 year old daughter can’t understand why people just can’t accept people for who they are.

However there are also many people 40 and over who just can’t comprehend the notion that Bruce identifies himself as Caitlin and would feel uncomfortable being in a locker room or bathroom with her.

For many growing up it was very clear, you’re a man if you have a penis and a woman if you don’t and men don’t use the ladies room and ladies don’t use the men’s room. Some people have strong religious beliefs that conflict with many of today’s social issues. Agree or disagree they have a right to their values and beliefs.

Many fear the new law allows ANY man to use a women’s bathroom or locker room, that’s not the intent.

Many think that evil sick twisted people who already have evil in their hearts and minds will try to use this law to inflict harm. I think bad people will do bad things regardless of the law and this law doesn’t help them or make it easier, they were gong to do it anyway.

I don’t think the people who are opposed to the law are prejudiced or hateful or intolerant I think it’s more that they have never had first hand experience with many of the social issues of today, it is new to them and it is so unrelatable to them that they don’t want their environment changed.

So while I can understand citizens concern and maybe can even understand why the councilor’s would file the motion, I am more concerned about what they are going to try to do to their fellow Councilor’s and the reputation to the city with their actions in regards to the motion.

I’m afraid what should be a motion filed with the intention of speaking in support of a silent large concerned segment of citizens, will instead be turned into nothing more than grandstanding and politics of the worse kind.

I unfortunately think these two councilors will demand a roll call vote and try to turn this motion into a local political issue to try and garner more votes for themselves. Hey look at me, I’m looking out for you and so and so isn’t. I’m a conservative watching out for our moral values and look at whatshisname he didn’t support it.

I’m afraid that they will damage the reputation of Lowell has a city that has welcomed everyone to one that is prejudiced and intolerant by actions and comments that might be made.

Maybe the entire Council will surprise me and after the two Councilor’s who filed the motion speak, the rest will hold their tongues and vote it down without resorting to making this a full – fledged all out spectacle.

The motion will be and should be defeated but it should be done without turning this into anymore of a political divisive issue than it already is.