Will this Asbestos allegation prove true??

Tomorrow the Sun will be running a story on some rumblings they and others have been hearing about an IG’s “investigation” into whether asbestos was properly handled / disposed of during the major renovation /expansion project at Greater Lowell Tech.

According to Chris Scott’s Tout Video – there is talk by teachers of lawsuits.

Interestingly when I in the last few days asked in passing about the possibility of improper removal / disposing of asbestos, a Tech School Committee member claimed he did not know anything about it and would have to check with the Supt.

To be honest, I had doubts about the story and up until the past few days ignored it but I had some time and was checking in on the Tech budget so I asked.

It reminded me that we went down this road once with the LHA not long ago and those allegations were found to be untrue.

Will this time turn out differently…apparently it just might!!

In case you forgot…

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