Councilor’s have only themselves to blame for lack of fiscal knowledge!


Those City Councilor’s who want to complain about not knowing about a tax settlement need to look in the mirror and thier own lack of oversight and blind support of this Manager and the last Auditor and acting Auditor if they truly want to place blame for not knowing about a $60,000 tax settlement between the city and UMASS Lowell.

I find nothing in the charter or city website that requires a City Manager to report to he council a tax settlement but it is clear an Auditor is required to.

They need to look at the City Website under the City Council Page and the City Auditor page and realize that if they truly think someone should have told them of the tax settlement between UMASS Lowell and the City that person should have been the City Auditor who works for them

The City Council page states the following – The City Council appoints:

A City Auditor, to be responsible for the approval, payment, and recording of all financial transactions for the City,

A City Clerk, to be responsible as the administrator to the legislative function of City government, and

A City Manager, to be responsible for the administration of the City day-to-day affairs.

Thier Auditor should have a record of the agreement especially since it was signed off by the City Solicitor. The job description states that the Auditor is responsible for recording of all financial transactions for the City. The payment from the State has to have been recorded.

So where was or is the oversight of the Council on the Auditor? Cheryl Wright , Hannah York or “acting” Auditor Bob Healy or for that matter current Manager Murphy? How come Murphy who has been here two plus years either didn’t know or knew and didn’t tell his bosses or the Sun?

I’m sure I must have missed the Suns article or Teddy Panos asking when this Manager or his fiscal team knew and why didn’t they inform the council. Much easier to attack and question the character of people who are no longer in their positions than to question the people who are currently doing the jobs.

If there is outrage that the last Manager didn’t tell them, shouldn’t there be more outrage that this Manager and Hannah York or Bob Healy didn’t tell them? How often have we heard about this great fiscal team?

Looking at the Auditor page on the City website it states there: Reporting to the City Council and working closely with the Office of the City Manager, the Office of the City Auditor is responsible for a variety of tasks including the following:

Financial Oversight – Responsible for the approval, payment and recording of all financial transactions for the City, this includes monitoring all City spending in order to ensure that all departmental expenditures correspond with state and federal laws, that expenses are accounted for and properly documented, and that spending does not exceed the budgets established by the City Council and City Manager.

Financial Reporting – Which includes assisting the City Council in its review of the City budget, maintaining fixed assets records, and preparing the City’s various reports, analysis, and public financial statements, for the City Council, State, and Federal agencies

The Auditor is responsible for reporting financial statements. The $60,000 has to be recorded and documented. In fact if you read the agreement it can be worth even more than $60,000 a year.

So it looks like the Present and past Manager, the past Auditor and the past acting auditor all neglected to fully report the receipt of the tax agreement funds or this and the last Council under Mayor Elliott neglected to properly supervise and/or ask for reports to understand and provide the required oversight of city finances by the Auditor who is supposed to be working for them. In Murph we trust and he says all is well fiscally so why get an auditors report on ALL fiscal agreements?

If they refuse to ask for an accounting from this Manager or the former Acting City Auditor or ask the City Solictor why she also approved the tax agreement with the non publicized language and instead as expected use this document for grandstanding petty political payback then we know the truth.

It’s all BLATHER