Sun – Meehan Split shows Shakiness of Political Alliances


Reading the political column in yesterday’s Sun which included more shots at Marty Meehan

In World Meehan, nothing happens in a vacuum.

The increase announcement will almost surely reference last week’s blockbuster cuts. If UMass was really serious about holding the line on education costs, it knows where it can wield the paring knife.

But those cuts are as likely as the UMass football team winning more than a game or two in a season; they’ve won five games, lost 31, since 2012

Reminded me that in Lowell, political alliances and support from the SUN change depending on the needs. No longer ULowell Chancellor or Congressman or having a house to sell and not living in the City the SUN has lost its love for Marty Meehan. What fractured the alliance? It was revealed Marty neglected to mention/inform them of a tax settlement with the city.

The Sun used to fawn over Meehen the Congressman / Chancellor the way Campy fawns over a bottle of good wine. Until it comes out that Marty along with the City Manager and several people at City Hall including then Councilor Ed Kennedy knew about a tax settlement between the City and ULowell. Then the Sun turned on Marty like he was a bottle of Boones Farm Apple Wine, not needed or welcomed by the Sun editor.

Many times in Lowell, political alliances are based on what have you done for me TODAY since yesterday is already gone.

The little back and forth between Mayor Kennedy and Councilor Elliott on the same subject at last week’s Council meeting showed the widening political fracture between two guys who helped drive out Lynch and assured Murphy the managers job. They appeared to have a strong political alliance in the last few years. Then when Rodney wanted to stay Mayor for another term, that alliance fractured. Remember Mayor Kennedy’s Inaugural speech thanking Elliott, Mercier and Belanger for “contributing”? That was a clear sign of the bitterness involved.

Ed mistakenly believed Rodney would support him for Mayor the same way Dave Conway believed Elliott was going to help him get elected while many have stated it was Elliott and his campaign manager and supporters who worked Belvedere for Belanger. When it turned out Rodney was for Rodney the Conway alliance crumpled.

I’ve been around so long I remember when Elliott was a perennial bottom of the ballot finisher : 7th in 1997, 9th in 1999. In 2001 – 7th, 2003 – 8th, 2005 – tie 4th, 2007 – 7th, 2009 – 9th and in those days Rodney was more for the people than the paper.

It wasn’t until he signed on has a full time SUNflower (rumored to be sending every letter, memo, executive session activities to the Sun directly ) after again losing the Mayors position, that began a strong political alliances with the Sun, resulting in Elliott having numerous positive stories about his “fiscal watchdog ” persona. It also helped having a full time press agent masquerading as a SUN reporter (Lyle Moran) promoting his and the Sun’s anti manager agenda that he suddenly turned into a top tier finisher.

The Sun alliance improved his election standing, he finished 4th in 2011 – 2nd in 2013 and 2015.

Notice his theatrical antics are on the rise the last few months. 2017 is coming up and since he isn’t mayor and has no press agent at the Sun he needs to generate more publicly (hello, fox 25 yeah it’s me ).Seems the Sun alliance may not be as strong has it once was.

Based on what the Sun is doing now to Meehan and what Elliott has done to Conway and Kennedy there is a lesson to be learned.

Political Alliances are like a marriage, You have to work hard to maintain it and be honest with each other or they end in a bad breakup, ugly divorce and a lot of bitterness!

Just read the Sun to see how Meehan gets treated and watch Elliott and Kennedy interact, you’ll see what I mean about bad breakups.

I end with this throwback, I remember when Rodney actually went after Campy in Rodney’s early days.

Here’s a letter to the Editor that we won’t find in the Sun nowadays but one that may appear in th future. Based on the way the paper is treating Marty today, Rodney should watch out. Sunflowers eventually wilt.

(Thanks to Mimi and Left in Lowell for the following: Elliott whacks Campy)

Flood committee is addressing resident concerns
The Lowell Sun
UPDATED: 08/10/2007 11:32:20 AM EDT

I am writing to address the poor journalism in The Column on Sunday, July 29, regarding the allegation that there have been no meetings held by the subcommittee on flood issues since it was established.

To the contrary, the first meeting was called in October 2006. We have since met on May 22, again on June 12 and will meet again on August 28.

Meetings have been televised, well-attended and open to the public.

It is apparent that Editor James Campanini is more interested in damaging my reputation for political purposes than in providing accurate information for the people of the city of Lowell.

Mr. Campanini could have made a simple phone call to the city clerk for readily available information. We all know the Sunday Column uses opinions and gossip to distort the truth, but Mr. Campanini used inaccurate information to mislead the public to believe that I was not doing my job or that I do not work hard. I have other faults in life, but working hard is not one of them.

Also, let me state that I am very concerned with the victims in the flooded areas, as are all members of the City Council. We acted swiftly and provided whatever support we could to help those in need. We responded with public support and privately as well.

I hope this clarifies the issue and please know that I will continue to work hard for the citizens of Lowell.


Lowell City Council


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I've been interested in Schools since I worked at the Greater Lowell Tech and substitute taught in Dracut. I've followed the finances and issues with the Lowell School for the past 8 years while blogging and contributing to Saturday Morning Live! Currently serving my 1st term.

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