Teacher Salaries in Area – Lowell ranked 99 out of 319 in 2015

Tuesday’s Boston Business Journal had republished an article from May 2016 titled – The towns and cities with the best-paid teachers in Massachusetts in 2015

The story notes that “The Business Journal’s analysis of payroll data was based solely on salary figures provided to the state by 317 school districts in the commonwealth, and it did not account for the attractive benefits — summers off, pensions — negotiated on behalf of local educators by affiliates of the state’s various teachers unions.”

So looking at “JUST SALARY” Lowell ranks 99 out of 319
Greater Lowell Tech 61 – Billerica 138 – Tewksbury 142 – Chelmsford 151 – Tyngsboro 177 and Dracut 208

What I found surprising based on this list, was how LOW the salary has changed for Lowell Teachers compared to surrounding communities. One reason looks to be we had a lot of retirements which lowered the base salary but it is still interesting to see how level the salary has stayed.

It indicates to me that the unrecorded / reported information for this story like the “Step Increases” and other benefits would drive that final number up. I’d be interested in what the entire “average” of teachers would be if they included the cost of health care, step increases and pensions.

Here is a list by community that shows the change in teacher’s Salary over 6 years.