Fiscal Warning signs again shown at the last School Committee meeting.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 11.28.36 AM

Look at the above photos, notice transfers listed at $80,000 – $40,000 – $30,000 and if you listen to the School Committee meeting from July 20th the School Committee did NOT have specific reasons when they voted on these transfers when they took place!! WHAT??

The City Manager is supposed to explain why he transfers amounts exceeding $25,000 but the Supt. of schools can transfer $80,000 out of food service and then into food service from Supt. Salary and Wages and he doesn’t need permission nor to inform his bosses clearly why?

He doesn’t think he needs to present transfers to get approval to put funds into items running in the negative from the school committee and can just do a year end “cleanup”?

There is a solid reserve in Food Service, why the need to use $150K from front office salaries to “pay indirect cost” for food service? What exactly are those cost and why were they not accounted for in the budget?

You wonder why I have been so alarmed about the fiscal status of this School Dept. and we are finding out information like this in a July meeting after the budget for the upcoming school year is about to close?

Is is true that “As far as the City and City Auditor are concerned, the bottom line, not the specific line item balance, is what is important.”?

Why would that be? Especially if by LAW the usage of the Food Service monies is supposed to be very defined?

Look at what has occurred in Winchendon folks and you should start being as concerned about the financial state of the Schools as I am and be as outraged by the seemingly oh well he’s new attitude that many school committee people (THANK GOODNESS NOT ALL) seem to have.

When I spoke about his arrogance yesterday I hadn’t seen his comment about his evaluation -. Dr. Khelfaoui is soliciting the current Committee and the past Committee’s input into his one-year Formative

I have never heard of asking people who are no longer in office and haven’t been for 7 months to come back and evaluate an employee have you?

He wants the four people who hired him but are gone along with former member Leary who has been a City Councilor to take part in his evaluation? Why and how would they know how he has been responding the last 7 months?

Yet Mayor Ed Kennedy wants to give him a contract?????

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