LTC Domain Issue??

I was attempting to click onto LTC to again listen to the last school committee meeting while I did some spreadsheets (I know it is a sickness, normal people prefer the radio or Spotify etc.) but when I click on this link:

ScreGoogle LTCe 11.07.40 AM

It brings me to this:

Generic LTC

Tough week with the Folk Festival this weekend to apparently have a Domain issue!

1 thought on “LTC Domain Issue??

  1. Hi Gerry,
    Thanks for noticing, I don’t know what happened but is up and running normal this morning. It is the busiest time of the year for LTC with setting up three stages to cover this years folk festival, we have a new Executive Director Wendy Blom, she’s a natural and gets stuff done with a smile. Again thanks for noticing, hope to hear you guys on WCAP Saturday morning and thanks for all your time keeping us informed. Stay cool!
    John McDonough

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