A great program for anyone interested in weight loss

Taking a break from critiquing the School Administration and School Committee to recommend to any of my blog readers who may be interested in losing weight to go visit Greater Lowell
Chiropractic & Rehabilitation and their Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program.

I’ve been a member of the program for six weeks and have lost 26 pounds along with an inch from my waistline.

You eat a diet program food or drink for Breakfast (along with your coffee, if you choose), 2 cups of vegetables along with a program food at lunch and up to 8 oz of protein with 2 more cups of vegetables for dinner.

They also offer various healthy snacks for those that need something between meals or if you’re like me for a nighttime snack / desert. You also take some vitamin supplements to keep you healthy along the way.

Miranda who meets with you each week is also a program member and will be a valuable asset and your biggest booster along the way. She has lost 80 #’s on the program and continues to use it.

Dr. Broderick is always around to step up and offer encouragement and a laugh along with Dr. Joe Downs who knows everyone.

If you follow the plan, you’re not hungry and you lose the weight. It’s not a fast process but a steady one that also helps you change your unhealthy food habits.

Call or go to the Website and set up an appt to talk to Miranda!

Dr. Broderick is proud to say that when patients come into the clinic they are treated like family. “Patients quickly understand that we are here for them, to serve them and to get them well,”