Former Energy Management Systems Monitor comments on my post.

GN: I received the following letter and attachments yesterday in response to my posting of the facility information above that’s in the School Committee Packet this week. We’ve heard much this year about facilities and heating issues but if you read the two attached letters you wonder why if facilities and heat are important to this Superintendent and Committee they would dump an asset?

Good Morning,

Just wanted to reply to the HVAC issues in the school department.

I was the former Energy Management Systems Monitor for the school dept. My position was cut “after” the budget was complete. For one thing I always notice how it is said that the budget came with no layoffs.

Ask the people who got laid off “after” the budget was finalized.

Also my position was being eliminated so they could put my salary towards a clerk for the high school. The school committee shot that down saying that they wanted my salary used for something in facilities. Not sure what it was used for because I never saw any requests made thereafter. Anyway I thought I would attach copies of my job description and two reference letters from my former supervisor (the present one didn’t defend my position at all, which I blame on a lack of knowledge on his part) and from the Energy Manager for the city of Lowell, who both appreciated what I did for the school department.

Oh, by the way I sent a response to the school committee through the website on my concerns with eliminating my position and never received a response from any of them.

Just thought I’d throw this out there.


Bob Carroll




GN note: The Energy Manager position wasn’t eliminated until August 2016 after is was approved in the 2016/2017 budget.

However the Committee did vote at that meeting to hire 1 clerk for the High School and to leave the outstanding funds roughly $11,00 in the facilities budget.



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