Does the School Dept need funds or not? Why did Committee vote in Sept. to ask for $$ but not follow through?


I’ve pointed out repeatedly about the lack of fiscal reporting and managing of this Supt and CFO and how that is a huge concern to me.

I’m getting more and more concerned with the actions and inactions of this current School Committee in regard to the financial matters.

We know that this Supt and his Administration screwed up the Circut Breaker Account resulting in the remaining funds being returned to the General Account of the City under state law.

Some may not know the School dept also lost over $500,000 in a grant to fund paraprofessionals when the state of Massachusetts didn’t fund it.

Over three months ago in September this School Committee voted on a motion to ask the City for the $527,642.000 to be transferred back to the schools to pay for these para’s.




In the January 4th report from the CFO above, you can see that no change has been recorded in the Suspense Account of the School Committee since they budget passed in May despite the September vote.

We are in month 7 of a very tight fiscal year in both the City and School Budgets and we’ve already seen school accounts with negative balance reported at the January meeting.

So the questions I have are:

1) Why hasn’t the motion been acted on since it passed 6-0 with the Mayor abstaining ?

2) Why hasn’t a School Committee member filed a motion to ask about the status of this?

3) Why was it left off the Quarterly Report of unanswered motions on Jan. 4th?

4) How long into the Fiscal year is the School Dept. going to wait to ask the City for the money?

5) Is the money truly needed? If it isn’t then why did Gary Frisch write in his 2015/2016 year end budget report that the Administration would request the School Committee to ask the Council for the money and why did School Committee member Bob Gignac make the motion to do just that but then never follow up on it?

These are the things that bother me about this particular committee,the lack of questioning and follow through.

After the FIASCO that was the closing of the last fiscal year A motion was made and approved to develop a timeline for dealing with year-end surpluses so that the School Committee can decide how to allocate such funds.


Yet I have not seen a timeline or any type of plan for year end closing and it is also NOT on the January 4th report of unanswered motions.

That’s the 2nd motion I’ve pointed out hasn’t been responded to and isn’t on the list of unanswered motion. Who is in charge of that list and don’t individual members remember motions they make and why aren’t they following up?

WHY are they NOT being followed up on? Who’s to busy crafting a contract for the Supt.that takes away powers and responsibilities of the School Committee?

This Committee is in my view extremely lacking in fiscal oversight and follow up and its time they start before they end up costing the taxpayers and diluting the powers of future school committees.

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