How Busy are the Roads for a New LHS? NMCOG has some historic data

Once we receive approx. cost for the new sites, we will all hear about traffic concerns. I’ve looked around the web to see what I could find for past traffic counts in the Lowell area.

I found that NMCOG (Northern Middlesex Council of Governments) have conducted Traffic studies throughout the years. Attached is their 2014 & 2015 Reports



The 2014 deals mostly with cars while 2015 focuses more on Trucks and heavier vehicles.

Many streets and roads haven’t had new counts done for a number of years but they will if they are associated with one of the final 3 locations selected.

Below I look at the streets along the proposed new sites, Rte 38 (Rogers, Nesmith , Douglas, Clark Road) Mammoth Road, University Ave and Fr. Morrissette Blvd and others.

I added Bridge St over where I live in Centralville to use as comparison for Average Daily use.

The Report offers the following Introduction explaining what and why NMCOG does this. Along with the numbers (Average Daily Traffic) it shows the last time (year) the traffic was counted and recorded.

The 2015 Traffic Volume Data Report is an update to the previous traffic count book completed in 2014, and has been prepared in accordance with the Northern Middlesex Council of Governments (NMCOG) continuing traffic counting program. This report is based on traffic counts collected in the Northern Middlesex region between 2004 and 2015.

Why Collect Traffic Count Data?
Traffic count data provides information on the movement of people and goods along a roadway and is utilized in transportation planning studies and the design of traffic improvements. Traffic counts also are essential in evaluating current operational conditions along roadway segments, and in helping to identify congestion issues. Historical traffic count data is analyzed to determine seasonal adjustment factors and volume growth trends, which are used in developing future growth rates for application in transportation planning studies. Such data is also useful to business and real estate development interests, and to marketing firms for use in assessing market potential.

Table 8.5: Traffic Volumes in Lowell ADT = Average Daily Traffic


For the people who think the South Common is a good choice?? (I don’t)