Roger Bourgeois, Superintendent/Director GLTHS Retiring


On Friday, Bourgeois, 61, announced that he intends to retire in August after leading the school for more than three years.

“When it’s time to retire, you know it, and I just knew it,” he told The Sun Friday night. “I want to spend more time with my family, a better work-life balance. It’s impossible to have that as a superintendent. It’s too demanding of a job.”

He called it a “very hard decision,” stressing that he has thoroughly enjoyed his time at Greater Lowell Tech.

In a letter to School Committee Chairman Ray Boutin on Friday, he wrote that he had “mixed emotions” about retiring.

“This has been an extremely difficult decision for me because I truly love my work and greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve the wonderful students who attend our school,” Bourgeois stated in the letter. “I have been blessed to have had such a tremendously rewarding and fulfilling career in vocational technical education.”

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Jill Davis, Assistant Superintendent/Principal would seem like a natural replacement.