Where do you put modular classrooms? How many Parking passes?


Talk about closing some of Fr. Morissette Blvd to make way for modulars has me questioning where these would go? I know we have a long way to go before this is even an issue but look at the space involved and think about the following.

Vision Dorms which are going up across from the High School will need access and they settled a Court challenge with the Owners of River Place Towers next door that included these stipulations.

* Access to the site, across Father Morissette Boulevard from the Lowell High School gymnasium, would be redesigned.

* The installation of landscape buffers.

River Place Towers needs access in and out also. Are we going to ask ULowell to use the Tsongas for gym classes then tell them we are blocking off access via Father Morissette Boulevard?

If you put them on Fr. Morissette from just after the entrance to River Towers up to Arcand dr. how many can fit and do you use both sides of Fr.Morissette? If you do, doesn’t that block emergency vehicles from reaching the High School?

Wouldn’t putting them there also block the Father Morissette exits from the Ayotte Garage and force the staff and students to walk out the front entrance facing the Arena. (Hello Labor Board they did it again to us!)

Speaking of the Ayotte garage, I found it comical that head of School Martin and School Committeeman Gendron claim that over 300 students drive. Parking records for the city garages are PUBLIC RECORDS and it appears the city has issued only 216 student passes this year and even those are not used every day.

I’m told the exact numbers will be given to the Council along with the number of staff members that use the facility on an average day.