Will Samaras again be tie-breaker?


Lowell loves its history and we may see history repeat itself. Flash back to 2015 and the fight for Mayor between the incumbent Mayor Elliott and Councilor Ed Kennedy and this report from the Sun Column Blog:

Samaras backs Kennedy, giving him five votes for mayor
Posted by sunthecolumn on November 16th, 2015

City Councilor Edward J. Kennedy, Jr. has the necessary five votes to be Lowell’s next mayor.
Kennedy, who finished third in the 18-candidate field Nov. 3, learned early Monday morning that he had garnered Councilor Bill Samaras’ vote, giving him the key fifth vote.
All eyes have been on Samaras for more than week, as he mulled whether to support Kennedy or the current mayor who wanted another term, Rodney Elliott….

Samaras, the retired Lowell High School headmaster elected to his second term this month, emerged early as the king-maker. The Belvidere resident took more than a week to make his decision.

Councilor Samaras has stated twice that the only two realistic options for LHS is the renovation with the expanded addition (taking the dentist office) or Cawley.

If the Council votes against taking the dentist office we then could see a 4-4 split for the Cawley Site with Rourke-Mercier-Leary-Belanger in favor and Kennedy-Elliott-Milinazzo-Leahy against.

Once again Councilor Samaras would be the deciding vote.

Bill just a word of advice, if they promise to vote for you to be Mayor if you vote to keep it downtown, remember what happened to Ed Kennedy that put you in the spot to be the tie breaker.