IF they paid more Attention, Food Service Could be better

I laughed when I read about the election year stunt pulled by Bob Gignac and Bob Hoey regarding the food served at schools that don’t have kitchens at last nights school committee meeting..

Maybe if they paid more attention to the numerous transfers and chargebacks this Supt. takes with the Food service account, more money would be available to buy steamer tables and to add modulars at these schools to use as a cafe instead of tiny classrooms repurposed as a room to each lunch in.

Look at this transfer and explanation about this vote by this School Committee last June and the money used for “custodial cleaning” and “Technology Services” and my personal favorite “Reimburse Admin indirect costs”

Transfer Request #2
From: Food Service Revolving Account $1,138,816
To: Reimburse Admin indirect costs For 2015-16 $243,438
Reimburse Tech Services For 2015-16 $151,361
Reimburse custodial cleaning for 2015-16 $744,117

The purpose of this transfer is to reimburse the school department local budget for expenses associated with the school lunch program for 2015-16.

The $243, 438 listed for “Admin indirect cost” includes a portion of his salary, and portions of the HR Directors salary, the CFO’s salary and a few other things like office space and telephones cost.

In reality the Supt. came back in to the School Committee to “correct” that amount from $243,438 to $29,793.00 but for the most part this Committee didn’t publicly ask about these moves.

He is still charging 3% of his salary, and 7% of the HR Director’s and CFO’s salary to the Food Service Account.

The Supt. also had to correct the Chargeback for the Custodial Services from $744,117 to $653,187 but again this school committee didn’t ask any questions.

Instead of looking at a FOOD TRUCK to feed kids during the summer (many programs already in place) at a cost of $125,000 they can use that money to upgrade the existing facilities and equipment so things like this item they used as a prop last night doesn’t occur during the school year. Have you seen any motions asking for improved equipment at the schools? I haven’t!


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