Manager, Mayor or Council need to address the Cawley ISSUES!!


The rumor mill, FB fodder and the bubble is overflowing with mis-information, half information and plain out hurtful information and it is time a City Official goes on WCAP, City Life or sits with Chris Scott at the SUN and address the issues and put out some fires and hurt feelings. (You could also do a Facebook Live Interview with me)

1) How did the city miss the protections / restrictions on the Cawley fields.

2) Will Holy Ghost Park be taken by eminent domain if LHS move to Cawley?
(someone involved with that group was told this would happen)

3) If the Thomas R. Machado Memorial Practice Field behind Cawley Stadium is being removed, will it be replaced and the stone moved and the honor continued?
(The family is under the impression it will be gone and lost permanently)

After responding to those questions, Please stress that there is a LONG way to go and that going forward the best thing to do is to wait for the environmental, traffic and economic studies to be completed.

Whatever happened with missing the protections is behind us but the public deserves an explanation and the people / families that are associated with items 2 and 3 need to hear from the city about what may or may not happen because what they and many others have heard or been told seems vengeful and mean spirited.

The City has done a poor job with communication and social media (myself included) in some cases have fueled the fire being heavily critical.

The problem is there is now so little concrete information forthcoming from the city and so much mis-trust regarding the information or lack of it coming from the Manager/Mayor’s office after that article 97 fiasco that innuendo and rumors are spreading like an out of control wildfire.

It is time to halt the spreading and address some of these issues directly to the public