1998 Grant with some other information included


Here is the 1998 Grant agreement, if you look at page 10 there is a copy of a 1994 agreement that references purchasing land at the Cawley site and pages 13-15 show some cost of improvements made in 2001.

You can see the restrictions clearly spelled out in the 1998 agreement but not sure if that covers the entire Cawley site or is it specific to the track and bleachers improvements of $300,00 that this 1998 grant is for.

I’ve also found that Lowell did a large improvement to the softball fields in the 2003/ 2004 time frame to allow the RIPTIDE a professional women’s softball team to play there.

City Cooperation

Joe and Lauri Adlman, the husband-and-wife team that co-owns the Riptide, were enamored two years ago with the city’s help. The couple had pitched the team to several other surrounding cities and towns, but Lowell proved to be the most aggressive and accommodating.

“The city opened its arms to us — they made us feel welcome with their attitude,” said Joe Adlman of Andover. “They knocked down roadblocks and dispensed with all the red tape.”

When an agreement was reached, the city beautified the field and built new stands, a press box and lighting towers. They even graded the field, which is also home to the Lowell High softball team.

I’m sure tonight you will hear more specifics from the city at the 6:30 meeting tonight.

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