Using someone’s own words against them fair game in LHS political fight!

I’ve repeatedly expressed my feelings of concern that the division between where to put LHS was going to grow so fierce that Lowell would cost itself the chance for any type of new high school.

The two sides are basically running campaigns and the name calling and half facts along with fear mongering is growing daily.

One of the most often used political plays is to take someone’s own words and use it against them. (Here I speak from first hand painful experience).

In the latest dust up Peter Martin of LHS downtown very smartly posted a video that shows Cawley supporter Marty Tighe appearing before the City Council this past December stating the following:

“It’s very difficult for kids to get from the acre, Centralville, lower Highlands over to Cawley field and the Tewksbury line, when parents are working or whatever it may be – they don’t have access to transportation…especially in the fall when it gets dark and cold, it’s difficult for a kid to walk his way down Rt. 38 to different sections of the city.”

Marty was talking about a football program he donates his time too needing improvements at the South Common and explaining why the common is the best spot for this program that is for middle school students.

Like it or not those words also apply to the many high school students who walk to school or need to get home right after school to either watch siblings or go to work to help support their families.

Yes the school dept will offer buses out and back for students but for many it will involve a longer time to get home. That’s just the reality of the stadium location and it will cause difficulties for some students.

Many Cawley supporters seem irritated that Peter would do this but it’s a common campaign tactic and it is effective because it is true. It’s also fair especially since the Cawley side has a dedicated radio show supporting them daily.

Just like it’s true that many LH Downtown supporters are irritated with Teddy Panos on WCAP because he’s such a strong Cawley supporter. They won’t go on with him because he seems so one sided they feel it’s a waste of time. Teddy has many sources and he constantly teases he knows things and tweaks the LH Downtown crew for starting their campaign later than the Cawley side.

In my view Both campaigns are becoming extremist!

Can I suggest we all stop trying to bury the other side or support our side so unwaveringly that we lose site of the fact that we have a chance to get hundreds of millions of dollars from the State to better the existing High School in one way or another and not get to the point that if we have to go to a vote for funding the project that the kids are the losers because we dug in to the belief that our side is the one and only correct site that we vote it down because “Our side lost!” or ” It was a bag job”.