Article 97 Restriction seems very clear ! BOP members allowed Opinion!

At the risk of ticking off more people and having them again announce the end of my campaign and ignoring the probably very good advice to stop posting, I submit the following information. Followed by a personal rant !

Again it’s all public Information


The above is the Grant for the Visitor Bleachers and Track at the Cawley Site. The Important part here and in the next grant is the City refers to the entire complex as the Cawley Stadium Complex, including the purchase of 2 + acres in 1994

and the grant comes with the restriction very clearly spelled out!

The City when applying committed to using the COMPLEX for dedicated park space

In fact has you scroll through the grant paperwork you see receipts and bills for work done under USH #1 & #2 which goes back to 1995 through 2000

This grant is for the Artificial Turf


Included in this grant is a reference to the Cawley Complex 14.92 Acres and even calls out by name the Martin Softball Field.

and also includes the Article 97 restrictions clearly spelled out.

So even though the exact grant for the work done on the Softball Field can’t be found, the fact that the city identifies the entire area has the Cawley Complex would make the restrictions apply.
RANT AHEAD..Defending a person I never met!

Tonight’s meeting ISN’T Posted as being a vote to remove the Article 97 Restrictions

but a vote to allow the city to continue the process of looking at the viability of Cawley as a site for the New School.

I feel badly for Mr. Finnegan, I don’t know the gentleman but my understanding is he has served on this board for many years and for radio host Ted Panos who has just one agenda to questions this man’s ethics on the radio is contemptible !! To suggest any type of ethics violation , possible ethic violation without any research or fact checking or to suggest he step aside for having the audacity to speak his opinion is wrong and unfair.

Just because you serve on ANY CITY BOARD it does not mean you lose your right as a citizen to state your opinion on any matter. In fact the Ethics Commission would tell you if you bothered to ask ,that as long has Mr. Finnegan when he spoke or emailed did NOT identify himself as a member of the Board of Parks or use his Commissioner title than he was commenting as a private citizen which is well within his rights. (been there done that)

The fact he is an assistant coach or that another BOP member is a teacher does NOT disqualify them in any manner nor should it. They have obligations they agree to when they become members of this Board and that is to preserve open space and grant permission and policy for its usage. They have NO DIRECT FISCAL GAIN WHEREVER THE FINAL SITE IS! (and please don’t even try to use their salary or stipend against them..they are paid for their work PERIOD!)

Again I’m in favor of the Cawley Site but I want EVERYTHING FAIRLY LOOKED AT AND PRESENTED!!

The attack on Mr. Finnegan this morning again highlights my fear that this situation is turning ugly and dividing not uniting this city and in the end the students and possibly taxpayers will be the biggest losers.

2 thoughts on “Article 97 Restriction seems very clear ! BOP members allowed Opinion!

  1. The Board of Parks has a responsibility for the parks and green space. It seems they would be more willing to agree to an exemption if a suitable replacement was offered. If we look back in history, both the South and North Commons have been reduced by school construction, and maybe Gage Field. The multi-use parcel in the Douglas Road parking lot does not seem to be a fair exchange. What else could be offered to satisfy them?

    • Behind Wang School / LeBlanc Park
      The site has 31 usable acres and is city owned. This could be converted

      Carlisle St
      Property is City owned and has the usable acreage. (but is technically I believe in Chelmsford)

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