How many students do we REALLY have? April 2016 vs today leaves ?

In this week’s SC Packet is a response to this motion:

“Request the Superintendent provide the committee with a report that looks
at our student population by zip code to determine the number of students from
each neighborhood.”

The above is the breakdown by Zip code furnished to the School Committee in the Packet in response.

However if you look at the 2016/2017 budget presented to the same school committee last April the Total number difference is ASTOUNDING!

Here are the numbers in the budget presentation: Enrollment budget report 2016

IF MY MATH IS CORRECT IN APRIL OF 2016 the School Committee in the budget presentation was told we had a total of 15,038 students yet in this week’s report by ZIP Code it shows we have 13,417!

Now 666 Pre-K students reported in April for some reason aren’t reported in this week’s numbers. Why? Take away another 147 reported in April as Out of District that still leaves a difference of 808?

So is attendance down or is the latest count incorrect?

This again is troubling if the information being supplied by the school administration isn’t correct or at least quantified and explained for the public how can we trust the information?

Yet they want to give this Superintendent a term defined contract???