Tonight let the Neighborhood Listen and let THEIR Voices be heard!

I understand, appreciate and applaud the passion so many are showing about the site location for Lowell High School.

Please remember that the meetings tonight at the Senior Center and Thursday at the CMAA is a chance for that community to be able to hear about the 4 options and what they entail and a chance for them to ask questions and express their concerns.

Many of us have spoken at many meetings and have let our voices be heard, tonight I hope EVERYONE regardless of which site they favor does what is right and allows the people in these neighborhoods to have their voices heard.

I understand to some level that their is not a lot of trust being shown to the City because of all that has occurred but that is no reason to go into a neighborhood that hasn’t had the chance to listen and ask their questions and take over the meeting with our concerns.

I keep saying WE NEED A NEW HIGH SCHOOL, we meaning all of us regardless of which site we are for so let’s give the neighborhoods a chance to listen, ask and let their voices be heard.