Did switching to PARC help Lowell Schools?

Last January this School Committee took a vote to go to the PARC testing reversing the vote of the previous Committee. Many professional teachers and unions were against the switch, while some parents also had concerns.

Lowell school board alters course, backs PARCC

At that time the Superintendent who was in favor of the switch stated ” Essentially what (the commissioner of education ) is telling us is we’re going to give you a year and a half or better to get your act together in helping these schools,” Khelfaoui said. “I need that time. We need that time. Our teachers and leaders need that time.

If you review the information on the DECE website for test scores you see that while most schools stayed the same 3 Lowell Schools improved, the Moody School went from a level 3 to a level 2.

The Lincoln and Reilly Schools both went from Level 3’s to Level 1 Schools.

The Superintendent can point to these results and justify the choice to switch.