When will School Committee receive 2017/2018 School Budget?

If you recall the Mayor cancelled the April meeting of the School Committee that was supposed to be the meeting they received the 2017/2018 budget.

In February the School Committee requested the following schedule:The vote was 6-0 which included the Mayor (Steve Gendron was absent)

According to the above schedule and if you look at the Calendar located on the School Dept. Website you see there is a Finance Sub Committee meeting scheduled for tomorrow night but the agenda CLEARLY says the reason for the meeting is to REVIEW the 2017/2018 Budget.

How do you have a sub-committee meeting to review something that you haven’t (at least in a public meeting) received yet? The meeting was still posted as of 8:00 pm last night and no other meetings to present the 2017/2018 budget have been scheduled.

What can they discuss based on this posting? It is under the required posting time so they really can’t change the subject matter. Shouldn’t they just cancel?

The next scheduled School Committee meeting is May 3rd when there was supposed to be a budget hearing, maybe that will be when the Supt. presents his budget.

Why this School Committee would 2 years in a row schedule a budget hearing the same night they have a regular school committee meeting is beyond me.

The budget is one of the few things that a Committee has any say over and these meetings in my view, should be held in full view of the TV cameras and always scheduled has stand alone meetings so the public is fully aware of what is going on and being discussed.

The Lowell City Council is scheduled to receive the entire City Budget from the Manager on May 16, 2017

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