Some updated information on High School Project

The following is the city’s response to the April MSBA Letter.

One thing I did notice is there is still no definitive answer on the deed restrictions or article 97 restrictions at Cawley and the city will have to go before the zoning board to get a variance to allow a four story structure at Cawley.

(A) PDP Review Comments Lowell HS_Compiled_v1 (2)

The report that follows shows some updated testing data for the Downtown Site. As expected there is asbestos, mold, mercury and lead paint issues. Much of the asbestos is in items that won’t affect students until demolition takes place. I was more surprised and concerned with the mercury level in the 1980 gym area.

There is an estimated cost of approximately $4.2 million dollars in clean up cost for all existing buildings including the steam plant and freshman academy. It’s “only” $2,425,000.00 for the 1922/1980 buildings.

There is also this warning:

The demolition contractor will have to segregate the ACM from non-ACM building surfaces for proper disposal in an EPA approved landfill that does not recycle. A non-traditional abatement plan would have to be prepared and submitted to the DEP for approval.

Haz Mat Report Extended Study

The final report shows that there are no endangered species at Cawley that would prevent construction.

Endangered Species Cawley Stadium Report