Budget Update: School Committee looking for another $700,000 + for 2017/2018

If you think the High School drama is the only educational issue going on, you likely, like most people, haven’t been paying attention to the budget hearings. Since they have been so few, its easy to understand why you haven’t kept up. Who knew that they would air anything on Ch. 22 live?

Part of the $2,000,000 plan for a new special ed day school includes $152,000 rent to use the Elks Club on Ferry Road. The committee heard from many people during the meeting but that didn’t begin until after the first 45 minutes of the meeting, when they seemed to realize that they had forgotten it was supposed to be a public hearing.

Last night the School Committee voted to ask the City for an additional $653,522 for Library aides and another $40,000 that was for a clerks position that was being eliminated due to retirement. The proposed budget has a million dollars in the suspense account to be able to fund these positions but with the support of the UTL the Committee has chosen to lobby the City for more money. None of the reflected changes from last night’s meeting are posted on the School Dept. website.

According to Mayor Kennedy at last nights meeting the Supt and his finance team were meeting with the Manager and his team today at city hall in an attempt to get more funding and a more”favorable” maintenance of effort agreement.

It will be interesting given this Committee’s record of passing motions and not following up on them and the Superintendents “frosty” relationship with the City Administration to see which (if any) Committee members show up to speak and if the Supt. himself will speak.

The City budget is scheduled to be presented to the Council formally at the meeting next Tuesday May 16th. It might be another interesting night!

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