Updated Information on LSAA Parking Complaint

In December we first heard about the LSAA displeasure with the parking change and their filing a charge of unfair labor practices. Back in January Connie Martin filed this motion but so far there has been no report back to the public in an open meeting:

7.I. [By Connie Martin]: Requesting that the Administration, including all members who are cited as School Committee Representatives, provide the Lowell School Committee with a complete report on the history and current status of the charge filed by the LSAA regarding parking for Central Administration LSAA union members. This report should include: the legal language differentiating a “charge” vs a “grievance” and notification protocols required by each, a timeline of past meetings with Union leadership and all associated documents and minutes from those meetings

The reason we haven’t heard probably has to do with this:

The Massachusetts Department of Labor Relations has found probable cause to believe that the School Committee violated the Public Employee Collective Bargaining Law as the LSAA alleged in the Charge.

While this is far from over I would URGE the City Manager and/or School Committee to settle. If you recall the last School Committee fought grievances right up to the point of costing the system $800,000. The fact that this doesn’t go to court for almost a year buys the school dept. / city time but based on history I’d work to settle. Regardless of the fact that I believed the complaint was dumb, the contract is the contract.

Especially since we do know based on the recent admission from the Supt. and Asst. Supt. of Finance that they are aware and supportive in some cases of contracts being violated and they allow it to go on.

I’m still amazed that Local 888 or the UTL hasn’t file grievances over the library aides working outside of their contract agreements. Then again it appears Paul Georges has a much better relationship with the Superintendent than either one of them have with the LSAA President who I’m told can’t get either one of those “gentleman” to return a call or email.

Here is a summary of what has transpired and a copy of the Court documentation.


The Massachusetts Department of Labor Relations (“the DLR”) issued the attached Complaint against the Lowell School Committee on April 11, 2017 in the Prohibited Practice Charge Case that the Lowell School Administrators Association (“the LSAA”) filed on December 23, 2016 in order to protest the unilateral change in the parking arrangement for Central Office Administrators who work at 155 and 144 Merrimack Street.

What this means is that the DLR has found probable cause to believe that the School Committee violated the Public Employee Collective Bargaining Law as the LSAA alleged in the Charge.

At the Hearing, the LSAA’s main objective will be to convince the DLR that the prior arrangement pursuant to which LSAA Members could park at the Roy Garage on Market Street should be restored since that is far more efficient than parking at the Ayotte Garage, particularly for those Members who travel out to schools multiple times per day. This is only the first step in the legal process. The next step will be the full Hearing which has been scheduled for April 4, 2018 at the DLR’s Offices in Boston.

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