City proposes to fund school per Supt’s $162,073,324 budget

In the Budget presented to the School Committee by the Supt. you can see that the total is for $162,073,324

In the City Council Packet this week is the budget presentation from the City Manager, You will note he fully funds the budget recommended by the Supt.

2018-43 Lowell Public Schools Appropriation 162,073,324

The letter to the Council from the Manager includes the following information:

This budget includes a levy increase of 1.5%, a full percent less than the 2.5% allowed under Proposition 2 1/2

The City reaffirms its continued commitment to education in FY18. The City of Lowell exceeded its Net School Spending requirement by over $9 million in FY16 and is projected to reach similar numbers in FY17.

In FY18, the City’s total direct cash appropriation to public education (Lowell public schools, charter tuition,Greater Lowell Technical High School) will approach $50 million. This is above and beyond additional expenses the City provides for such as fixed costs and repair and maintenance.

Public works will continue its renewed effort to maintain and repair Lowell schools through daily operations and strategic capital investment,including $1.35 million in FY18 capital funding for much needed roof repairs in the Lowell public schools.

While the full financial impact won’t be fully felt in FY18, the Lowell High School project under consideration by the Massachusetts School Building Authority is a signature project of my administration.

Capitalizing on the City Council’s authorization to fund a feasibility study, the City hired an owner’s project manager and designer/architect in FY17. By the end of FY18, the City should be in a position to execute the Project Funding Agreement with the MSBA. While this project greatly impacts the City’s borrowing capacity,the high school project represents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to improve the cornerstone of the Lowell Public School system.

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