Uniting behind NEW LHS – In the Hamilton Canal?

Imagine a brand new state of the art School built downtown in the empty Hamilton Canal District?

Could the 2 opposing sides unite (to the heartbreak of Ted Panos) and get behind building a new school located where the city hasn’t been able to generate business? Leaving the current site to develop and leaving Cawley alone?

City Councilor John Leahy has a motion coming up on next week’s Council Agenda asking the council and Manager to look at the possibility.

The City has been unable to get anything developed at that site and the infighting over the two existing locations has divided this city worst than the fight over English has the Official Language or to build or not build an arena the last two major divides I can recall.

Councilor Leahy has seen this division and the frustration that is growing and believes that there are 16 acres available to build on in Hamilton Canal and see’s this has a great compromise that could unite the city.

Shifting the economic development focus from the outskirts of downtown to the heart of downtown seems like a wise idea. Having utilities and parking readily available instead of having to build a garage and bring in utilities may entice developers and the city may be able to get a better price on a garage in the Hamilton Canal if it is bid with the school.

No need to use eminent domain, no need to involve Tewksbury or Chelmsford in a new Lowell High and no need to fight article 97 and having to replicate fields.

The city has gone through 2 highly respected master developers who have been unsuccessful in developing the Hamilton Canal. The city has mishandled in some ways the high school project and has allowed it to opened a giant divide in community.

Building a new LHS in the Hamilton Canal gives the Cawley people a state of the art campus style building while keeping it downtown and meeting the desires of that group.

If it is in fact deemed possible, I think John Leahy may have found a way to unite Lowell and ignite downtown development.

Call and email the Manager and Councilor’s and support this idea to unite Lowell for a truly New LHS!