Mayor again shows lack of Leadership and Knowledge !

May 4th Update

Only had the chance to watch CityLife for a short few minutes but what I heard both angered and saddened me. So I went back to John McDonough’s Facebook Page to re-listen and make sure what I thought I heard was really said.

Starting around the 1 hour 2 minute mark when Mayor Kennedy joins the show, he takes a shot at Cawley supporters sending their kids to private schools, then states that a teacher at LHS was confused and under the impression the LORD Building was being renovated and then the Mayor says “it’s being RAZED” and says there is a lot of misinformation out there. He stated a couple times near the end of the show that option 2 and 3 call for the Lord Building to be razed!!

MR. Mayor you are part of that misinformation! I went to the LHS Page on the City of Lowell Website and when I look at the latest May report from the Building Committee meeting I see the Lord Building being RENOVATED In fact the only option I can recall where it would have gotten RAZED is a whole new school on that site and that option doesn’t exist anymore.

Mr. Mayor are you aware of information that isn’t being shared??

If you look at the May Building Committee handout there is no mention that the Lord Building gets Raze just renovated. Is the Mayor that clueless or is he purposely misinforming the public that watched CityLife? He also said he doesn’t think the June 13th date will be the vote, he is claiming that Article 97 won’t be resolved.

Is there any wonder with this Mayor who should have first hand knowledge of this project who can’t even state the facts and is leading this current group of Councilors that we haven’t been able to build anything in the Hamilton Canal?

This Council can’t agree on what the Hamilton Canal should be and the same indecision and political decisions that have killed that project are killing the High School project!

Did you see today’s SUN?

Lowell’s loss is Dracut’s gain: a $26M health center

In 2004 the City was talking about “redeveloping the Hamilton Canal” 13 years later and we still have nothing and this Council cannot agree what we should have and the current Administration hasn’t been able to work with 2 Master Developers and a company that wanted to build there.

Mayor Kennedy made it sound like Trinity Financial and Winn Development didn’t make it known outside of a 10 mile radius that this land was available. Two of the most well respected developers in the Northeast and the entire United States and this man questions their development skills? What’s on his resume that makes him anymore knowledgable or experience in development than those companies? Is there a Kennedy development that I haven’t heard of?

What would have been wrong with the following in the Hamilton Canal?

Genesis HealthCare has signed an agreement to purchase a piece of property at 55 Loon Hill Road to build a three-story, 73,000 square-foot skilled rehabilitation facility at an estimated value of $26 million, while employing 200-220 people, according to an announcement Monday by Duggan.

The Mayor claims we have spent a lot of money in the Hamilton canal when the truth is a lot of money has been promised but not much besides requirements for the Courthouse has been spent! Unlike the South Common where State money has been spent!!

This same Mayor who doesn’t know what is even being proposed for the existing High School seems to NOT want to support at least looking to see if we can use the Hamilton Canal for the High School?

We don’t have a Master Developer and the company that was supposed to get us the State Grant for Utilities just went to Dracut! AT this point what does the city have to lose by at least exploring this option?

No Eminent Domain! A State of the Art NEW Building and it is still downtown so no extra busing cost.

I have a sick feeling in my stomach that this city which hasn’t been able to develop the Hamilton Canal will screw up this High School project worse than it has been already and our students will be the biggest losers in this “political legacy over the students” battle that has developed.

Lowell’s loss is Dracut’s gain: Dracut just did a great renovation / expansion of their High School, they offer School Choice for ALL GRADES! Chelmsford Offers School choice. Lowell is not offering parents or students much of a choice.

We may be reading that headline more and more with parents deciding to put their students in those school systems instead of making them live through a renovation/construction project downtown which is what I’m beginning to see happening.


They will say its the cost – I say it’s the politics and just has they have failed us in the Hamilton Canal they are going to fail us in the High School!

It is not the 11th hour as Mayor Kennedy suggest or late in the 2nd half! No final selection has been made, no study can’t be done and an additional month isn’t going to make the cost that much higher.

We can continue to leave a huge vacant hole with just a courthouse built there and we can put students and parents through a renovation / construction project with no new buildings and these Councilors will claim they did their best and did what they could for the taxpayer.

We will have no new business in either the Hamilton Canal or the current LHS site and go another 30 years wondering why.

Mr. Mayor you have been one of the biggest offenders for misinformation and feeding the divide and have put the High School Project in jeopardy and the Lowell School system in chaos. We will be watching tonight and will remember what you have done to this project. You haven’t been a leader, just a obstuctuniest !


Published by Lowell School Committeeman Gerry Nutter

I've been interested in Schools since I worked at the Greater Lowell Tech and substitute taught in Dracut. I've followed the finances and issues with the Lowell School for the past 8 years while blogging and contributing to Saturday Morning Live! Currently serving my 1st term.

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  1. What is the status of the planned medical/educational facility advertised last year by the City for the Hamilton Canal District? And the headquarters for the environmental firm? Is there a need to have Master Developer on board to secure State funds for infrastructure? Is NECCO looking for new manufacturing space? Time to get things rolling or forever hold the promises.

    1. The planned medical/educational facility moved to Dracut that was Genesis – Watermark the environmental firm hasn’t been able to reach agreement with the city. I am told that there is a requirement to have Master Developer on board to secure State funds for infrastructure..I’m more upset about the fact the Mayor thinks the Lord building is being torn down. What is he reading or following at these meetings and are there new plans to tear it dow that haven’t been shared with the public yet?

      1. Thanks for the clarification, although it is disappointing. Since I wrote the comment I read the SUN article on the subject, and was surprised to hear the project effectively fell through weeks ago but apparently not disclosed.

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