Real Concern for Mayor Kennedy !

Courtesy of Todays Sun Column Blog

According to today’s Sun Blog by Chris Scott – Mayor Kennedy when being interviewed for the SUNSPOT segment on LTC made the following comments.

Kennedy said it’s his understanding that if Cawley Stadium is chosen it could require an eminent domain taking of the popular pizza restaurant at the corner of Rogers Street and Douglas Road to accommodate construction of a left-hand-turn only lane heading outbound. Like the doctors who oppose eminent domain, Kennedy said Milan Pizza’s owners would likely be adversaries as “it’s a pretty popular spot.”

I’ve corresponded with a number of Councilors (4) – they have NO Idea what he is talking about!

This is the city’s reply to my question –

As to date, there has been no discussion about eminent domain for Milan Pizza. There has been discussion about a necessary left-hand lane at Village and Rogers Streets to address the left turn into possible high school entrance. The lane would be needed for bus queue.

After his many mis-statements on City Life this morning and the above conversation with Chris Scott this afternoon and his fellow councilors having no idea what he is talking about I am concerned that this isn’t just sloppiness on his part. I was at a School budget meeting a week or so ago were he seemed to forget that it was a public hearing and had to be reminded 45 minutes in to let the public speak. I’m starting to worry about the health of the Mayor.

This job involves a lot of stress and pressure, maybe to much for him to handle. He is more and more mis-stating truths and actual facts or just forgetting things, resulting in people unnecessarily getting upset.

Some people don’t do well under pressure, there’s a lot going on in this City and as Mayor he’s in the middle of it.

He may need to step down and let someone else lead these meetings for a few weeks or take a short leave and get some rest. Going on City Life and meeting with the Newspaper and either outright fabricating things or just being so confused about the actual facts may be a health sign and all joking aside the job of a City Councilor or Mayor isn’t worth your physical or mental health.

This High School issue has taken its toll on a lot of people, lots of fighting, lots of pressure, add in the Hamilton Canal issues, the tight budget and his hours working on the school side, plus losing his aide and the Mayor may genuinely need a break.

The Lord building isn’t being razed – Milan Pizza isn’t being taken by Eminent Domain

Friends and colleagues of the Mayor should insist he take some time to rest. No jokes, no making fun or accusing him of being purposely dishonest, based on his recent actions I’m serious in my concern.

Ed Kennedy may be an old school politician but I’ve never seen him be so confused and making so many mis-statements and forgetting he is supposed to be running a public hearing, that it has me concerned about his health.

It’s easy to knock him for these statements (I did earlier) but putting these things all together, especially the statements of this afternoon and having watched him over a period of years, he just seems tired, worn down and confused.

Hopefully this will pass and he will get some rest and re-energize.

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