Supt and Asst Supt. contract on this week’s Agenda – SC has been very good in providing $$$ increases.

The current Lowell School Committee certainly seem to take exceptional care of Supt. Khelfaoui and his Asst. Supt’s increasing their salaries a total of $44,508.00 since taking office.

Besides the presentation of the 2017/2018 School budget there are two contracts up for approval on this weeks School Committee Agenda.

3.I. Superintendent Of School Dr. Salah E. Khelfaoui, Contract Approval
3.II. Assistant Superintendent For Curriculum Robin Desmond, Contract Approval

Neither contract is available on-line for review so the public has no idea what they involve.

What is known is on Friday in the Lowell Sun the Supt. stated He has reached an agreement on his contract with Mayor Edward Kennedy.

I don’t believe the Supt’s contract should EVER be negotiated by a single person. The School Committee has to be in agreement as a whole and should work together or in a small group of 2-3 but not one individual person. In theory the Superintendent works for the entire committee as a whole not individually.

What we also know from looking at the current 2016-2017 budget is that the Supt. was budgeted for a salary of $185,000 originally in 2016/2017 but along the way was increased to $189,625 and in the proposed 2017/2018 budget the salary is posted for $194,366 or a 2.5% increase

That brings his salary increase to $9,366 since July of 2015 when he agreed to his MOU and started here in Lowell. So explain the need to give him a term defined contract?

The Assistant Superintendent For Curriculum position was budgeted in 2016/2017 for $139,584 and in the proposed 2017/2018 budget it is proposed for $150,000 with a notation that states The Assistant Superintendent’s salary was $140,000 in FY 2016-17, however it is prorated to the time she started in the position. That’s a proposed 7.5% 1 year salary increase of $10,416.00

It should be noted that in the 2016/2017 original budget the Asst. Supt. of Student Support Services budgeted salary was $130,244 but during the year this School Committee approved a raise and title of Deputy Supt. adjusting the salary to $145,000 and according to the 2017/2018 budget proposal will increase to $150,000 for the 2017/2018 school year. That’s a $19,756 increase in two years.

The School Business Administrator who started in Feb of 2016 had a budgeted salary of $145,000 and in the proposed 2017/2018 budget is increasing to $150,000. That position which is now titled Asst. Supt. For Finance has this notation in the 2017/2018 proposed budget – The Assistant Superintendent for Finance’s salary was $145,000, but he started on February 16, 2016 and a portion of his salary was paid from the Food Service Revolving Account. Additionally, an interim Assistant Superintendent was in place.

How many people in the private sector receive a $5,000 a year raise or a $10,416 a year raise or a $19,756 raise in two years? Wonder what else the contracts offer?