When did SC approve RFP for Day school? Why in Methuen MA? No Records available on-line showing vote.

The School Committee received the School Budget officially on May 3rd. About the same time the City of Lowell Purchasing Dept. received a request from the Central Administration to issue an RFQ. The RFQ was Issued on May 10th…(30 day biding requirement) and CREST in METHUEN was the only bidder.. that night the School Committee voted on the Budget.

I though one of the functions of the School Committee involved approving the budget and request like expending $152,000?

The proposed Budget included these items and all of the votes listed below reflect these cost and where approved at the May 10th meeting. The same NIGHT the RFP was issued.

May 10th Budget Hearing at Butler School
2300: Special Education Instruction $32,653,589
Mr. Gignac made a motion to accept the recommendation of the Superintendent and to approve the bottom-line figure of $32,653,589; seconded by Mr. Hoey. 7 yeas Approved

3300: Transportation $9,043,069
Mr. Gignac made a motion to accept the recommendation of the Superintendent and to approve the bottom-line figure of $9,043,069; seconded by Mr. Hoey. 7 yeas Approved

5300: Rentals $555,014
Mr. Gendron made a motion to accept the recommendation of the Superintendent and to approve the bottom-line figure of $555,014; seconded by Mr. Descoteaux. 7 yeas Approved

At the next meeting on May 17th Committee member Gignac filed this motion.

May 17th Lowell School Committee Meeting:

7.V. [By Robert Gignac]: Request the Superintendent provide the Facilities Subcommittee with all information related to the new CSA Day School, including the RFP and bids.
Mr. Gignac made a motion to approve; seconded by Mr. Hoey. 7 yeas APPROVED

Clearly this is an indication that they were not aware of this going out to Bid. On top of this the City Run Day School is actually in METHUEN MA…not in Lowell.

Anyone else find it odd that the RFP goes out the morning of the School Committee approving the budget, how did the Supt. or CFO know that is was going to be approved? and isn’t there a requirement for a vote for rental cost? How did the Central Administration know the final number was going to be around $152,000?

My bigger concern is that there is no recorded vote by the Lowell School Committee approving going out to bid or approval of this lease!!

In fact the explanation in the Packet for Tomorrow’s Meeting isn’t a vote…its an explanation.

Summary Of The RFP Process For Lease Of Classroom Space

The Minutes from the May 10th meeting show no vote nor a request for an RFP, No Vote is recorded approving this RFP.. yet the Administration is showing the School Committee pictures of the building!

By voting for the Budget did the School Committee somehow give up their rights to vote on whether to go out for an RFP and maybe include in the specs that the location of the school should be in Lowell? or did they waive the right to approve the final bid and not see all of the bids? Oh WAIT! According to the Purchasing Agent – CREST WAS THE ONLY BIDDER!!!

In all the vacant businesses and buildings we have in this city we have to go to Methuen to run our “In-District” Day School? Many have heard a rumor of the City buying the ELKS Club and using that for a day school. Where is that $$ coming from after approving the Cawley site?

This is why I want to be on the Lowell School Committee, to insure the School Committee and citizens know exactly what is going on and make all of this clear to the public. Hopefully tomorrow night we will get some answers but my guest is this like many votes taken and not followed through on will just get lost and forgotten by this committee.

Author: Gerry Nutter's - Looking at Lowell

I'm BACK...! I've followed the finances and issues with the City of Lowell and the Lowell School Dept. for the past 8 years while blogging and contributing to Saturday Morning Live! After serving 1 term on the School Committee I am back with my view on the events, people and politics of Lowell.

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