Fight – Flight or Unite ?

While it appears the High School may move to Cawley, last night was just a step. There are many hurdles to clear before it becomes final including what the cost of widening Rogers St. will actually be and since several councilor’s have stated they are opposed to eminent domain if it turns out Milan Pizza and the building that is owned by the Alexis family needs to be taken how can that happen?

As we wait for that , we as a city now have three choices: Fight – Flight – or Unite. Each of us have to choose our own option.


If you fight, you can try for a non binding referendum but given the fact that downtown speakers outnumbered Cawley supporters and 5 councilor’s ignored that and ignored the number of educators and elected School Committee members I’d say a vote would also be ignored. Working to gain the required signatures would be an exercise in futility.

Here is what would be required

In the event that the City Council does not vote, or votes not to include a nonbinding public opinion advisory question on the biannual City Election ballot by Wednesday, August 9, 2017, the voters of the City of Lowell will have an opportunity to petition inclusion of the question. To petition for the inclusion of the question, ten percent or approximately 6,520 registered voter signatures must be gathered and certified by the Election and Census Office. Upon certification of the signatures, the question would then be included on the ballot for the next election held more than thirty-five days after such certification. Inclusion of a nonbinding public opinion advisory question would not increase the cost of the regular biannual City Election in November.

You can express your concerns with Traffic and field replication by writing to the Tewksbury and Chelmsford Conservation Boards.

Tewksbury Conservation Commission
(978) 640-4370
(978) 640-4434
Town Hall, 1009 Main Street
Lower Level
Tewksbury, MA 01876

TCaitlin Morris Administrative Assistant
Stefania Gallo Planner / Conservation Agent

Chelmsford Conservation Commission

Town Offices, 50 Billerica Road Chelmsford MA 01824 Room 205,
Katharine Messer Conservation Agent

Or Belvidere residents like every other Neighborhood Group can write to and speak at the Zoning Board meeting because zoning changes are required for the Cawley site and every neighborhood group including Councilor’s Elliott and Rourke’s neighborhood group appear and block rezoning request regularly.

Zoning Board of Appeals
2nd and 4th Monday of each month
6:30 p.m.
City Hall
375 Merrimack Street
Lowell, MA 01852
Judith Tymon, Senior Planner


You can get angry and sell your property or realize that you can’t afford the 9.5% – 14% tax increases coming the next four years (Cawley 8% min.increase plus the City required yearly operational increases) before any busing or street widening cost are included.

Many see many lower middle class families having to leave the city because they can no longer afford it or the retired and elderly having to sell their homes. As my daughter and several students stated the gentrification of Lowell may have begun.


Or we can come together. Be happy that we are getting a first class state of the art High School that many students will get to experience for years to come. Unite as a Community and stay involved in the schools.

Stay involved in the elections and make sure we hold this and future administrations and Councilor’s accountable to not gut our educational operating budget because they chose to move the High School.

We can make sure adequate busing is provided, we can make sure roads are widened and traffic lights added and make sure the city fully replaces fields.

We can hold the Council and School Committee responsible to maintain every school we send our children to not just the new High School and we can pressure them to properly fund maintenance for every elementary and middle school along with a written maintenance program for this new high school.

We can’t allow this investment to fail!

We can be proud of our new building and our students and do everything we can to try to make it work.

Just as we chose our own option for the site of the school, we now must choose our option going forward.