Former SC member, Project LEARN member, Gallagher like many donating time!

I support the save Lowell High group and their efforts to collect signatures to get the question on the November ballot.

In my view this is no different than the fight to stop the bladder dam, stop Walgreens or stop the Charter School on Middlesex street. Concerned residents and citizens working hard to fight a project that worries them and fighting it until there is no option left. This group is doing everything they legally can which includes putting the non-binding question on the ballot.

I’m disappointed in rumors that have started concerning Atty. Michael Gallagher the Chairman of the group being the paid face of the organization.

Not only did I find it hard to believe but I think it’s insulting to Michael Gallagher and his reputation and longtime concern and contributions to education here in Lowell. For those that aren’t aware, Atty. Gallagher is a former School Committee member who is on the board of Project Learn here in Lowell.

The mission of Project LEARN is to foster the advancement of the Lowell Public Schools by increasing revenue streams and other resources to the school district.

I reached out to Atty Gallagher and asked him to address the question of compensation and this rumor before it spreads further. He was kind enough to respond.

Hi Gerry,

Not a red cent. Like hundreds of others, we’re donating time and resources in support of a very worthy effort, one which is very important for our city.


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