Busing Cost INCREASES $134,000 MORE !!

When I heard the city was re-opening the busing contract, my fear was the following which I posted at the time.

Being in the private sector I’d rebid at a little higher costs with confidence that pretty much no other company can deliver with this tight time frame. Whatever and whoever caused the review may end up costing the city money

Today bids were open, 1 bidder still the one whose contract was yanked for no reason of their doing anything wrong and the New Bid came in $134,000 HIGHER!

The City Manager who could not “find” $269,000 in June to complete the School Budget now has to find the additional $134,000 and the School Dept. is still looking at a min. of $600,000 shortfall because they approved a budget that included funding that “MIGHT HAPPEN”!

My point that we need someone on the School Committee who will ask more Fiscal questions and has a general understanding of how municipal govt and budgets work seems to me making itself clearer every day!


One thought on “Busing Cost INCREASES $134,000 MORE !!

  1. Joe from Lowell

    Some city councilors pretend to be fiscal conservatives, but they show us by their actions that it’s just a brand they’ve chosen for their campaigns. Gerry Nutter is the real deal, someone who will keep his eye on the bottom line to a fault, and keep his colleagues honest. I wouldn’t want five Gerry Nutters on the School Committee, but having one would be an absolute blessing. Gerry is an honest man who will devote himself to his city and its schools, and bring an invaluable perspective. Best of luck, Gerry. Really pulling for you.


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