Isn’t it Ironic? Don’t you think?

That many City Councilor’s and others who support Cawley are looking for a return to “neighborhood schools ” while advocating for the removal of the current High School that is centrally located for all neighborhoods to be moved to the outer city limits of one specific neighborhood?

As the song says: isn’t it ironic… Don’t you think..A little too ironic, I really do think!

That School Committee members now are interested in getting a legal opinion on this question I asked in June and they have been in office ignoring the issues since January 2016? Some for years!,
City of Lowell Charter Section 51.

Mass General Law

A little too ironic, I really do think!

That Bob Hoey would go on the radio attacking the City Manager and Police Superintendent over pensions yet supported every raise for the Administration of this School Dept that increases their salary and pensions? and the week they face budget cuts because they approved an under funded budget, offers a motion to add another Asst. Supt?

BTW Since School Committee’s have no direct say into the hiring of the HR position , in my view it is up to the Supt. to bring that forward if he chooses but based on the position (regardless of who is in it) I would support the creation of a contract, similarly structured in the same fashion has the Greater Lowell Tech. offers their HR Director. The title doesn’t have to change, many school districts have a HR Director but it could since it’s the only direct report to the Superintendent that isn’t an Asst. Supt and doesn’t have a contract. A contract at the very least isn’t out of order for someone who is a direct report to the Superintendent.

I think it’s unfair and unnecessary to bring it forward this week when you will be voting to either cut or not fill positions.

Isn’t it ironic… Don’t you think.

That Cawley supporters are already saying the School Committee asking for a separate legal opinion on their rights and responsibilities which is allowed under the law would stop the High School Project. The same thing you hear about the signature drive? When neither is true or a certainty ! Why are people afraid to allow legal options to take place?

After being run over on the High School issue which is their own fault and that of the last school committee, after the City Council voting to declare an open school building as surplus before the School Committee has and after ignoring high school busing his entire time on the Council including his time has Mayor watching Councilor Elliott trying to take over busing policy I say it’s dam time this School Committee stands up for their position!

Get the legal opinion so that they never again let the Council and Manager run over the duties and responsibilities of the School Committee regardless who is serving on it!

Getting the opinion isn’t harmful, what they do with it could be but the way this School Committee has been treated (again to a degree it’s their own fault) a clear unbiased legal opinion of their duties and responsibilities needs to be done.

A little too ironic, I really do think!

Ironically Hoey, Martin and Doherty put in these motions for a meeting they know deals with cuts because they along with their fellow members approved a budget that wasn’t State funded or approved and ignored a vote they passed on June 21st to ask the City Council for more city funds. The second time this committee took and passed a vote to request more funding from the city only to let it sit and not follow it through.

This ironically is the old sleight of hand trick, have people look at the shiny object ( new motions) so they ignore the critical financial mistakes they have made for the second year in a row during the budget process and end of year process.

A little too ironic, I really do think!

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