Last Lowell School to open also approved by the School Committee

The Morey School wasn’t opened until 2009 but the School Committee in the 1990’s had voted for it has part of the mult-phrased School Building Program. In early 2000 then City Manager Brian Martin and his Financial Director Barbara Haag wanted to slow down Lowell’s borrowing because he had concerns about the ability to continue to afford it.

John Cox was appointed Manager in 2000 and in December of 2000 he wanted to forge ahead with phrase 3 of the School Building plans that included the Morey and Butler and continue with the already approved Stokloska.

In 2002 the State Treasurer Tim Cahill froze all MSBA funding which delayed the project for a couple years and the new rules increased the City’s cost. It was a JOINT SUB-Committee of City Councilors and School Committee in 2005 that worked out the details to get the Council to approve the funding. The ground breaking was in 2007.

Morey School Groundbreaking in 2007..some familiar faces

Because of the issue at the Stoklosa then School Committee member Kevin McHugh wanted to form another joint committee to oversee the building of the Morey and Butler.