LHS Question to Appear on Ballot

Congratulations and Thank You to the many wonderful dedicated citizens who gathered all these signatures.

It shows that MANY people throughout the City care about keeping LHS Downtown for many different reasons.


1 thought on “LHS Question to Appear on Ballot

  1. C R Krieger

    I am interested in what the question is really asking and what a YES, NO and LEAVE IT BLANK really means.  For example, I am a person who is for Cawley, but if at the end of the day that falls through (say a giant meteor lands on the site and thus NASA claims it for the next 20 years), then I am supportive of Option 3.  Do I vote yes or no?  What if I am an Option 0 sort of person (an older person on a fixed income who wants minimal repairs)?  Do I vote No or leave it blank?  What if the Ballot Question goes one way and the folks elected go the other way?  What does that mean?
    Mark me Confused.
    Regards  —  Cliff


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