Sunday Notes – Neighborhood Groups defend their Neighborhood, It’s not Political, Driven to Give

No One Should be Surprised!
That a neighborhood did what they felt they had to do to protect their neighborhood. Lowell not only has a large number of neighborhood groups but also has a Citywide Neighborhood group and they all do what they think is in the best interest of their neighborhoods and we hear from Councilor’s how wonderful that is.

Why when the Belvidere Neighborhood does it, is it considered Political?

The Pawtucket Citizens fought against the bladder dam even having the City go to Court against the Federal Govt to stop it. They defended their neighborhood. Was that also Political?

I’ve pointed out before that neighborhood groups have ALWAYS had a say in the location of a school site even AFTER it was determined and these 2 articles show that the School Committee and City, listened and moved locations.

Downtown over Cawley – Needs of Many over needs of few

Lowell High School Belongs Downtown, don’t be misled by false numbers or what you hear about the cost of busing. Moving to Cawley is more expensive to the taxpayers and unfair to all our students. The reimbursement from the State is less than the reimbursement received for the downtown and that’s before you add in the cost of field replication to satisfy the article 97 requirement that was politically waived by special legislation.

The Manager’s Office has shown that even with the preliminary numbers (before a 2nd Elevator was added) and the cost to add infrastructure has been finalized (The same infrastructure needed in Hamilton Canal) that the cost to the individual taxpayer is higher and has a negative impacts on commercial taxpayers (businesses) with a higher cost.


The High School has aprox. 3,300 students, the estimated cost just to keep existing start times and not change anything is $1.2 Million dollars more to bus students to the current downtown high school. $3.2 Million minimum if it moves to Cawley

To try to keep things Budget “neutral” as some claim, we would have to move the start time for LHS from 8:00 am to 7:15 am. Change the starting times of 5 out of the 8 Middle Schools and 9 out of the 15 Elementary schools

We would need to change the schedules of almost 10,000 students and families how is that fair?

Ballot question is proposed by Pro Downtown Group- What did people expect?

Shame on people for implying the question isn’t fair or doesn’t give the Cawley option. It was developed and worded by and for keeping the High School Downtown and the 8,000 plus signatures collected were done so by residents who want to keep in downtown.

Cawley supporters including the current City Council could have put a question on the ballot, especially after the MSBA kicked the proposal back to the city to try to get the city on the same page, but they chose not to.

Using existing transportation

All of a sudden after many years of not busing to the High School there is a concern for the 1400 walkers. We don’t have to bus and add more cost to a City budget that already has a $2,000,000 structural deficit. If we want to offer an alternative to the walkers, we can purchase each of them a 10 month LRTA bus pass for a total of $280,000. LRTA has existing routes that drop off downtown so they would NOT be considered strictly school buses and other communities such as Boston use public transit to transport High School Students.

Sometimes Abstinence isn’t the answer

əbˈstān/formally decline to vote either for or against a proposal or motion.

No one supports someone who won’t cast a clear vote!

The biggest “Surprise” in my eyes on Preliminary Tuesday (besides Belvidere totally dissing Rita) was the 18th place finish by sitting School Committee member Robert Gignac. He raised a ton of dough, ran ads and radio spots. I’m left to presume that the way he waffled on the High School location by not taking a clear vote and refusing to defend the Rights and Responsibilities of a School Committee member caused the voters of Lowell to say NO to a “New Vision” that lacked the conviction to take a decisive vote on the High School location.

Combined the finish and getting beat by 1st time candidates KAREN CIRILLO – MATT LeLACHEUR -DAN FINN – SOKHARY CHAU – JOE BOYLE and 2nd time candidate MARTIN HOGAN doesn’t bode well for a November miracle from Mr. Gignac

Hard Working Candidate

Many of us put in a lot of time and effort to run for the office we seek but a huge shout out of recognition to Karen Cirillo who not only worked to get herself on the ballot but was out collecting signatures to get the non-binding question on the ballot. Karen and I may disagree on many city related issues but we agree on the location for LHS and she finished 12th because of all her hard work and effort and deserves recognition for that.

OCT 14th can be on WCAP with some help!

Yesterday as my last day “ON AIR” for WCAP until after the November 7th election. I want to Thank my friend Warren for inviting me to be a weekly contributor and for teaching me you can disagree without being disagreeable and disrespectful.

I want to Thank the owner / Operator of WCAP Sam Poulten, for allowing me to fill in and having a lot of time on air to talk with our great listeners these past few months.

On October 14th as part of our Radiothon Fundraiser for the Salvation Army WCAP / Saturday Morning Live will be broadcasting from Gervais Lincoln to raise money from the Lincoln Moter Company by having people take a test drive.

EVERY CANDIDATE for City Council and School Committee is invited to come down with 5 supporters, take a test drive and then go on air with Warren Shaw and a guest host for 5 FREE MINUTES TO PROMOTE YOUR CAMPAIGN! We call it 5 for 5

So I need 5 people to message me to sign up for 8:00 AM on Saturday Oct. 14th, so I can have my 5 minutes.

1 thought on “Sunday Notes – Neighborhood Groups defend their Neighborhood, It’s not Political, Driven to Give

  1. “Lowell High School Belongs Downtown”

    Seems like more of an assertion than a fact.

    As for the ballot question, how do those seeking Option Zero vote? Your friends and neighbors who want to just fix up what we have? Do they vote NO or leave it blank?

    Regards — Cliff

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