Transportation Numbers and “Proposed” Re- Zoning / Start Time Changes

On Sunday I posted about the Impact on almost 10,000 families if the School System was “Re -Zoned” back to a “Neighborhood School” Concept and the disruption that would occur.

A Cawley supporter didn’t believe me and stated “Your made-up statistics baffle me” and “your statements are false and have no basis of truth.”

Here is information taken directly from the City of Lowell Website – Lowell High School Page – Reports – June 6th 2017 City Council Agenda it’s a packet full of related LHS Information gathered and presented by the CITY MANAGER to his bosses, the Lowell City Council.

You will note that in the “proposed re-zoning” and New Start times that the McAuliffe – McAvinnue -Murkland and Morey Schools all go from PreK – 4 Schools to K-8 schools

17 (SEVENTEEN) others have a change to their start and dismissal times

The Good news is under this Proposal the 5th – 6th graders at the STEM Academy would be joined by 7th and 8th Graders and would attend school the same length as other 5th and 6th graders.