Daily Archives: October 4, 2017

Negative Balances in September need to be questioned

On Tonight’s School Committee Agenda there is a Budget Report from the Supt.

It shows a NEGATIVE Dollar amount of $43,448.39 for the Water and Sewer along with the information that $0 dollars were budgeted for that line item and by way of explanation

The water and sewer account will be reimbursed by the food service revolving fund at year end

WHY? and how do you justify charging the entire amount to a revolving Food Service Account? More important how does the CFO and/or Supt. say nothing was budgeted when the budget book posted on line shows $155,000 was budgeted for the year?

What happened to the $155,000 budgeted and why if it is being used elsewhere is there no adjustment showing?

For that matter why is there any charge for Water and Sewer?
Do other departments like the Fire Dept. – Police Dept. – Health dept. – DPD all get these charges for the buildings they are in? The Library?